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Love, What is Love?
What is Love?
Often, in fact more than often, we use this four-letter word in our casual to personal conversations. “Love,” and we also use a supposedly superlative degree of this word Love with, “unconditional Love.” My mind wonders what Love actually is, as almost everyone at least once in their lifetime uses this word, if not more than once. I see people smile, blush, laugh, look happy, proud, satisfied, eager, enthusiastic and in not so pleasant situations, sad, broken, lost, angry, bitter, confused, and again keen, eager, etc. When it comes to unconditional Love I saw sobriety, humbleness, joyfulness, subtle and obvious self-pride.
What’s common in any situation with everyone is it’s purely personal. When a person talks or even thinks about Love, they all were, in that particular moment, their real, true, self.
Mostly people say. “Oh it’s not love, just a desire or obsession,” etc.etc.
But now I feel everything is part of the Love we feel.
Though in some way it’s a mean kind of feeling too, when we think about it. Lol.
Love is dependent on a person as long as the seed (of love) is on a person, until he/she plants it. After that it’s totally independent, on its own.
But what we feel or assume is that it’s all about us. Our every gesture becomes, because of, and about, us:
“I do this because it makes me happy.”
“I love you because I really do and I want to see you happy.”
“All I need is you being happy.”
All these are not addressing the other person, they’re about us only.
My point is that Love is a complex, fairly rare, but precise, combination of almost *all* emotions, feelings, and rationality, all together, we can ever experience in our lifetime.
It’s kind of a wholesome feeling, that’s why when we feel Love we feel our maximum-Self. Once we taste this potent feeling, what we continuously look for, all our gestures and actions, after that particular moment, is to get our maximum-Self feeling again.
Not like a drug addict’s, more like when we eat chocolate or ice-cream, if it’s about fun only we can get it in one bite, but we want to stay in that fun feeling, that’s why we keep repeating.
All our efforts later are to get or maintain that feeling we had before. Again, it’s all about us, not dependent on the other person.
It’s effort only, not necessarily what really happens. Once Love happens to us (yes it’s a monumental happening, no matter how subtle or shallow it seems) it makes changes physiologically to us. Our thought processes, our awareness of ourselves, changes as a result.
What do you think of Love being kind of wholesome feeling and a combination of almost all the emotion and feelings, which by implication makes us feel our maximum-Self?
Ofc this is not the only idea of Love.
“Yes, I feel that also. Love engages our All. Some of it we not even aware of, why it can be tricky or uncomfortable sometimes.”
Hmm yes, that’s my point, we assume love is all sweet and rosy only, but it’s about the totality, the entirety, with not so pleasant included. The point is, in Love, we feel All of our Self, and this is how we come to know our Self more.
“Love is most excellent Leverage!”
That’s why I feel Love is not dependent on any external logic or reason. Yes, it triggers with external stimulation, but after that, it’s on it’s own. When we feel that wholesomeness, we want to be in that state forever. By implication, it’s a state of Being, more than just a feeling or emotion.
“Yes, much More. It’s one reason we have to learn how to deal with and handle our Sensitivity. If we are too Sensitive, because we are more engaged, more connected, and are so, with our ALL, we need to develop a bit of thick-skinnedness, a Capital T Tolerance, otherwise, we can easily get into a spin or tizzy if things aren’t perfect.”
“Contrast with usual interactions and Relationships. What are the differences between a Love relationship interaction and a non-love one?”
“Yes. Also, our expectations and openness are very different.”
Moreness of emotions, feelings, expectations, willingness, acceptance, openness.
“Yes exactly. So powerful to Understand. We can fall into an expectation of perfectness if we are in Love. Can make us vulnerable when things are unexpectedly not perfect.”
Yes, we can fall into “perfectness” according to us, but Love is not dependent or created by us, it has its own peculiar preciseness instead of a perfectness.
Be Sidd

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