We live in a World where we feel good making and owning Bonsai trees and plants. Yeah I know they look super cute and beautiful. Yes, they bring Nature inside our homes, but why don’t we build/design our homes, cities, countries, etc. to be a part of Nature! What a strange World we have created and are living in.
Ugh! For me Bonsai trees are delineations of limitations, restrictions, control, inhibiting growth, denying and snatching Freedom, negating natural process and also going against Nature. 
Just for a few seconds imagine yourself as a tree who is forced to become a Bonsai! In reality we don’t need to imagine at all.
Many of us are Humanoid Bonsai. Our culture, society, religion, family, friends, and people who we follow or admire, they all could be the contributors directly or indirectly, however they all together can do nothing if WE stop creating, accepting and applying our self-imposed limiting misbeliefs.

BE Sidd ~
Humanoid Bonsai
Verbal Selfie: Practicing self-expression, sharing feelings, thoughts, and More…

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