Verbal Selfie: BOX-JUMPING

This verbal selfie started with a seemingly fun post in SASI, with a question, “If you have an opportunity to live rent-free anywhere in the world, where would you like to live?” I responded to the question, shared with Syl, and he casually said, “Good.” I was hoping for more, I asked what his choice would be, the response not what I was expecting:
“Vatican! White House! New York Stock Exchange, Louvre, Meteora and more…!
“What? My mind, still stuck in limited usual thinking, exploded. For a few moments, I was like, “But but…” Then the magic happened, the true real magic, the Magic of Moreness. It felt like I was looking through the keyhole and he opened this great big door, wide open. For more than an hour, we were on a rollercoaster ride of imagination.
To my surprise, not only an imagination experience, but also a very practical exercise and Application of: “Think outside the box, be creative, and above all, Extract More.”

There is ALWAYS More.

A simple array of words, containing a profound power to transform dull, boring, or hopeless situations, into an endless series of possibilities and options. And, to be more precise, enabling Capitol C Choice. Not ordinary choice or options, rather, possibilities, discovered by US, once we open our minds to go beyond pre-existing ideas and beliefs. We can explore More, which might seem an absolute impossibility, or even not real on the surface, but just by having this ability to think beyond the limited, or only obvious perspectives, we get More out of any situation or idea. Not only a key core component of creativity, but also a very basic foundational step for Learning, Growth, and Impeccable character building. 

How can we be rigid, fixed, or not receptive, if we know there is always More? More is an antidote to all ego nonsense. A Life-Transformative concept.


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