We are not the circumstances of our lives. Nor what we “do” or where we live or our families, or anything like that. We are not even what we are today. We are More, much much More. We are a process happening in real time. An exciting mysterious process. All we can share is where we are currently at, and where we have been, and maybe where we happen to seem to be going. But none of that is us. We remain undefined if we are true to ourselves.

Any definition is a lie. Worse than a lie, it is a limitation. It is an amputation of our development, it is self-mutilation of the worst possible kind. We are so much More than our limited imaginations conceive. We constantly need to stretch that idea of ourselves, not only of what we currently are, but what we can be, could be. Only in this way can we soar to the heights of infinity and beyond.

We are Process
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