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The Value of Learning to Quote Ourselves

Using The Self

The whole logic of Quoting Ourselves is to come to a point of Self-Empowerment, a point we mostly are almost at, a point where we *Can* quote ourselves, and be comfortable doing so. (This does not have to be public.) Once we practice doing so, we undergo a Shift-of-Being, we transform our brains and selves from looking “out there” for answers, to realising they are already *In Here.* We develop the ability via practising quoting ourselves to pull the value and sense and Understanding from *Ourselves.* This is huge. A fundamental Change-of-Being. When we shift from that perpetual-searching to transforming what’s already in us, we make the shift from endless seeking seeking seeking, to *Applying!*


A huge, massive shift of paramount importance. A Change-of-Being which now activates all the Value and Usefulness of all the Learning we have accumulated, that Learning is now transformed into Growing, via Application. The fun part, the Magic part, when we do this, when we start to *OWN* what we know, when we start to *Apply* what we know, is then we *really* start to Learn.


Through Applying ourselves, we exponentially compound our Learning, because it’s actual Learning, not memory learning. It’s not merely acquiring what someone else believes, but directly tapping-in to what *we* believe and know, because we are *Applying* our knowing. Through Application we soon get to see if it’s bullshit or not, an automatic filter. Why learning to quote ourselves is so powerful. It’s a change of mindset where we make *ourselves* the authority over ourselves. That’s potent, as it’s an Assuming-of-Responsibility for our Learning, Growing, and Application.

Without Application it’s all meaningless.
The Value of Learning to Quote Ourselves

Assuming Responsibility for Being Real

We, us, ourselves, and only us personally are the Final-Arbiters-of-Truth. No-one else can ever be. Thus, when we quote ourselves, that simple act, makes us responsible for our Knowings, for our Understandings, for our Awareness, for our Application. For how can we quote ourselves when it’s not part of our Application? We can’t really, that would be bullshit.


Thus the entire mechanism is one of making ourselves the authority for ourselves, the one taking Responsibility, the one actually putting into practice what we know. *Really and actually* doing so, not thinking and believing we are, just because we have knowledge and supposed wisdom in memory and can spout it at will. That means nothing if it’s not *OURS,* if we don’t make it our own. Because no matter how much we may recognise or believe the value, without taking it all the way in, without *owning* our knowing, we will never be able to *Apply* it as our very own, and we will not thus be Real. That’s the entire difference.


If we do not make our knowledge, our Understanding, our wisdom our Own, it’s never truly Real, and neither are we. The only way to be actually Real, is to make what we have our own. Then only do we get to be Real via Applying our Realness. We have to Own Ourselves.


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