In the Live Course Session yesterday, the intended topic was Changing Personal Self-Conception, but we became side-racked by unusualness. and how we are ALL unusual.

It’s much a myth that we are similar. Superficially yes, but, look past that surface and we soon see how unusual we are from “the norm.”

It strikes me that so many just assume the norm, but seldom actually check out just exactly what it is. When we do, we soon realise it doesn’t really exist.

Getting to really know others and ourselves, soon let’s us know that we are way more different than we realise. This is empowering, because we then know it doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to happen to us for being different or unusual.

Which means, we can just BE ourselves. Further, since it’s a PROCESS, we can only embrace that unusualness, because what we are now is not what we’re going to be in the future!

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Another TakeAway from that Session is Self-Trust and our relationship with the World. We come across many ideas and concepts we are asked to believe which defy our senses.
We so want to trust our senses, because, by implication, what if we can’t? That’s scary. however, we also have to know our senses are limited. We can’t sense everything, radio waves for instance, phone signals etc.

Also, we have to know our senses are limited when it comes to scale. We can’t see detail on the moon without a telescope, we can’t see past the horizon and so on. The world is a big place, very very big. Bigger than our senses.

A key Understanding for me in this is that our brains, our civilisation, have evolved faster than our bodies. We have to adapt.

Further, when confronted with the reality that the World does not work the way we think it does, we have to upgrade, adapt, change, get with the program, and change in ways which can deal with that reality. it doesn’t help to contort reality to make it fit our desire for the security of our limited perceptions. We have no choice but to learn. We either embrace updating, or struggle.

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