What helps inordinately with the Positivity habit, and shifting from negativity behaviour, is to make a resolute and concerted effort to NOT express irritation, annoyance or other such reactions when alone in private. To NOT react to the TV, or our own stupidity or whatever in these ways. We Train Our Brain when we do this, and this mindset carries over to how we interact with others and life in general.

Private Positivity

If we learn instead to just let that stuff be, let them go, and Understand we don’t *have* to be irritated or annoyed, it’s a choice. Doesn’t make us any less Good if we don’t respond to negativity with negativity, just makes us contributors to more downward spiral. We can respond to the negative in many different ways, and that’s the key to Unrelenting Positivity, training ourselves to respond in alternate, and Positive ways, learn to actually *see* the world differently and thus react differently.

This does not mean we cease to see negativity, not at all, but we see how our *reactions* to negativity are the issue, and through our reactions, we come to our responses, and here we can make a phenomenal and profound Difference to the World, just by changing how we habitually and automatically react. We can make those reactions Positive, and thus profound.  <3

When we go further, focusing on how we *Feel*, that’s when it all changes. It’s not just *thinking* Positively which is important, but taking that extra additional step to *Feel* that Positivity, that’s when the World changes for us.

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Private Positivity
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P.S. – Our private reactions train us as to how we’d like to respond, but then have to suppress that behaviour with others, which leads to complexity and energy waste, not to mention when that breaks down and our self-trained habits come out. Another side effect is we’re not being Real, which reduces us further. And, training ourselves to respond negatively in private, where’s the benefit?
Seems like an association with some notion or idea which has no merit. It’s puzzling really when we look at it closely, like how do we actually justify such reactions? I believe it comes from the belief that response to the crap of the world with outrage and anger and even hate etc. means we are a Good Person.
It’s *proof* of our Goodness, and this is how we justify those private responses. but ofc, this is also a justification for annoyance and irritation, and carries over into our every-day, especially into our relationships, where it’s of course no good at all. There are other ways to respond to badness and irrationality and silliness, we can do so with simple *Understanding,* which does not have to be emotion laden.

Paying Attention to our private Ways-of-Being and responses is super super huge and potent.

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