Removing blockages from our Intents is absolutely vital. Any thoughts of not are such a blockage. What we thus need is Unrelenting-Positivity, which is the *celebration* and enjoyment of every moment of our lives. Living Impeccably thus, because, Joy is an Impeccable Choice. We make no space for doubt, and simply *ACCEPT,* as an inevitability, that what we want, what is right for us, WILL come. Simple as that.

We go into our decision as to what we want with full thoroughness, thinking it through TO THE END! In this process, we can doubt, we deliberate, we perhaps agonise, worry, stress and do all of our shenanigans of deciding. BUT, once we decide, we go on our way free of all of that, knowing our decision is Impeccable, and thus right for us, for ourselves.

Unless something substantially changes, there’s no more to do, except ENJOY Living and thus Create Space for what’s to come. ANY thought to the contrary is to deny our Impeccability, which is impossible if we HAVE been impeccable in the first place.

Here’s where Capital T Trust comes in. We can ONLY Capital T Trust *because* that Trust is laid on a bedrock of Impeccability.  Once we’ve BEEN Impeccable, there’s no more to be done. Except Trust, and ofc, enjoy being Patient. It’s then we’re At Peace with the World and ourselves, when we know we’re Waiting, and what we’re Waiting for.

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