Unhooking from the pressure of “needing to get it done” liberates our creativity. But not always in the way we imagine. It’s certainly valuable to commit once we know exactly what it is we want to do, but before we get to that point we need to be completely free. Knowing what we want to do is key, we don’t always have to know exactly how. Having the freedom to think, ponder, contemplate, ruminate, reflect, consider, and otherwise explore our topic allows us to be in a position to be inspired. This is critical. It takes a bit of time for things to work themselves through within ourselves. We cannot see or feel or really know this is happening directly. It’s a matter of Trust. Trust which can be gained through experience.

Then there’s input from outside of us, in particular from the Universe. To use or live by this may seem utterly unscientific or illogical at first, but simply try it. While in the process of paying Attention to regular living, simply maintain a continual Awareness of everything happening, internally and externally, especially externally. When we look at the world around us from the Perspective of what’s foremost of importance to us it’s astonishing how much input we receive.

The Gifts-of-Awareness from without are incredible, and the answers or resolutions always come, providing we are open to seeing them. Yes, it could be we’re simply working it out for ourselves and are seeing or experiencing something that triggers the internal Awareness, bringing it into consciousness, and it’s not actually a function of the Universe. But does it really matter? Either way we get the Valuable result.

The key is setting ourselves to be able to receive the benefit. We have to be free, to not be too immersed in whatever we are doing, and to be Patient. Patience is absolutely vital. It’s Patience with Trust. The difficult part. Even after having experienced this phenomenon of external valuable input countless times, it still seems it’s not a guarantee. Complete Trust and Patience is required every time.

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External Gifts-of-Awareness
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