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Agree and Disagree

We almost would like to ban the usage of Agree and Disagree. But not really. Seriously though, when we avoid using those, when we instead are focused on *Understanding* it is a profound shift. We can so totally Understand *AND* disagree. It’s huge.

We forget all the examples of how we Understand another’s choices while totally disagreeing with them. Like when it comes to fashion, (well maybe) music, food, art, etc. If we extend this ability to Understand and disagree simultaneously to pretty much everything, then we can discuss and interact freely, enabling further Understanding. With the added bonus of an increase in Perspectives. The more Perspectives, the better we Understand, the more Aware we are, the easier it is to relate. And More.

Capital U Understanding

Checking and Verifying

Also, when *both* (or more) are focused on Understanding, something Magical happens. But first, they have to be totally immersed in the Understanding Perspective, which means they cannot simply *assume* they Understand. they have to *check* their Understanding. If they do this, feeding back that Understanding in some way, allowing the originator to verify that what they communicated was correctly *Understood* as they meant it, then they can be sure they have Understood what was intended. This of course does not mean they are verifying whether or not what the other said is true or even made sense, just that one has checked with the other that what they believed they Understood is in fact accurately perceived.

When Understanding is checked and tested in this way. We find that inevitably, during that checking process there is a refinement of what is expressed and shared. Meanings and definitions are clarified, as well as the expression itself. Typically we come to see that what we *mean* is not always the same as what we say. Never mind saying it in ways that correspond to how another Understands matters.

But, what happens in the end, almost always, when this process of mutual checking and verifying of Understanding is undertaken, and the desire from all involved is utterly sincere when it comes to Understanding, then as that process of back and forth Understanding Sharing and testing goes on, almost always, no matter how far apart the start may be, in the end there’s inevitably either agreement, or very close to it. Or the differences are due to personal predilection and taste so do not matter.

It’s most fantastic, this Mutual Understanding verification. There’s also More. “There’s always More…” There’s usually a greater magic that comes into play. Through this process Of Understanding checking, which results in constant clarifying and fine-tuning not only of Understanding, but also of expression, each individual involved comes to Understand their *own* positions better. This is huge.

Combined Collaborative Understanding

Then the Bigger Magic happens. Almost always, when this process is taken all the way, the individual positions or perspectives or beliefs of the individuals involved merge, come together, fuse into a Greater Understanding! This is phenomenal, because through that fusion, a *NEW* Point-of-Understanding, or Point-of-Truth, is born.

Capital U Understanding

It’s fantastic and amazing how when we take the fullness of what we know on something, when we have honed it and clarified it, fine-tuned it, especially Attuned it to another, and them their point to us, those combine into a greater whole. Leaving both marvellously enriched. It’s so awesome and so worthwhile to make that effort to truly Understand another, to fully make the effort to Share our Understanding, no matter how many iterations are involved.

It is here also that Earnest Goodness becomes a major factor, because what significantly enhances this process of mutual Understanding Sharing and checking is when all involved do not for a second doubt the honesty and integrity of the other, then the process is significantly easier. That’s most important. When we absolutely trust the Integrity of those involved we know that any misunderstandings, confusions, and other oddities are all simply due to the communication process, which is most haphazard, since despite seeming to speak the same language, we seldom do. Each individual has their own particular Understanding of matters, or words, and especially of Abstract Concepts.

Thus we have to utterly Trust in the Sincerity of those involved in our Understanding Sharing, and why checking our Understanding is so imperative. No matter how confident we may be that we have Understood, we can only know for sure when we have checked. Thus we need that Earnest Goodness, we need it to keep us going, keep us positive, keep us focused on our Goal of true and real Understanding. An incredible goal that has marvellous bonus rewards if we persist.


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