Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobelia/episodes/On-Craziness-e253c7 "Crazy is stepping outside the boundaries of sensible behaviour in ways which tax comprehension and understanding." Sober DifferentiationWhen considering the terms mentally ill and crazy we differentiate, but what exactly is the difference?Let's use a computer as an analogy. Mainly mental illness is like when the hardware or software is not operating as designed. This can be due to structural reasons, such as physical damage, temporarily scrambled wires and so on.With software it would be gaps in the coding, or the coding becoming corrupted, rearranged or otherwise leading to significant inability for the software to function as intended.What's the difference between these and bugs, whether they be hardware or software? Here the computer still produces the desired results, but in perhaps slower, more roundabout ways, annoying or irritating side effects, or necessitating work-arounds. Not ideal, but we can still get the job done.Bugs or minor flaws don't necessarily lead to diagnoses of mental illness, it's when the system becomes significantly impaired and unable to function without major compromise, and we cannot rely on producing the intended output, then we have mental illness.Considerations of CrazyBut what is craziness? Some see similarities to mental illness in the word, but when we look at the wide…

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