Podcast: https://is.gd/x2QIDQ To me the only logic which makes sense when it comes to the Bible, Bagavad Gita, Koran, and other Scriptures is that they were written in such a way as to get us all interested, believing and thinking it's all good, it's all wonderful. Then, as we grow up, we see all those horrid truths, we realise this discrepancy, and we're forced to think for ourselves to reconcile it all. Then it's up to us to deconstruct the contradictions, to unlearn it. Only retaining that which *we* ourselves determine to be Good and Useful. This process is magnificent for fostering Awareness, Discernment, Understanding and Independence-of-Spirit. It's a fantastic mechanism for forcing us to think for ourselves, to truly think for ourselves. Scriptures thus make sense in the Overall-Life-Perspective. For to have an honest and real opinion of Scripture which takes into account all the discrepancies, contradictions, horrors, implications, and outdated beliefs, we have to take a stand against the world. And that's Power, that's the Power of Independence and Spirit. That's the start of true individuality. We have to be able to stand up and say, "Sorry entire world, in this you are wrong, and I don't care if I am…

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