Podcast: https://Anchor.fm/Nobelia/episodes/The-Value-of-Learning-to-Quote-Ourselves-e208ih Using The Self The whole logic of Quoting Ourselves is to come to a point of Self-Empowerment, a point we mostly are almost at, a point where we *Can* quote ourselves, and be comfortable doing so. (This does not have to be public.) Once we practice doing so, we undergo a Shift-of-Being, we transform our brains and selves from looking "out there" for answers, to realising they are already *In Here.* We develop the ability via practising quoting ourselves to pull the value and sense and Understanding from *Ourselves.* This is huge. A fundamental Change-of-Being. When we shift from that perpetual-searching to transforming what's already in us, we make the shift from endless seeking seeking seeking, to *Applying!* A huge, massive shift of paramount importance. A Change-of-Being which now activates all the Value and Usefulness of all the Learning we have accumulated, that Learning is now transformed into Growing, via Application. The fun part, the Magic part, when we do this, when we start to *OWN* what we know, when we start to *Apply* what we know, is then we *really* start to Learn.   Through Applying ourselves, we exponentially compound our Learning, because it's actual Learning, not memory learning.…

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