Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobelia/episodes/Ask-Biella---How-can-I-make-things-more-meaningful--especially-people-e2dsn4Gifts-of-ExampleDear K, we are all amazing. We are all Gifts to each other. Gifts in so many ways. In one way in particular: The Gift inherent in our Way-of-Being. I have long thought the value in stories, in movies, in music, in art, lies in showing us Ways-of-Being. The arts are all about showing us such Ways. We are inordinately fascinated with Ways-of-Living. We absorb them all, the villain and the hero, the loser and the aspirant, every variation we can imagine. Are we searching for the perfect Way of Being? Maybe. If we think about it though, is there any one particular Way-of-Living that is perfect for every situation? Wouldn't it be better to simply be able to be all the different Ways-of-Being? That way we can be whatever we need to be, whatever is most Appropriate in the circumstances. However, it is in the here-and-now that I am interested. Yes, the long-term Overall Perspective is always there, but it is the here-and-now that I have to deal with. I have to deal with those around me, those that come my way. And all of those are amazing. Each and every person is amazing, good or bad or in between. An amazing…

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