Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobelia/episodes/The-Gift-of-Intent---With-Commentary-e2ipal The story related here and the occurrences which took place are a Pivotal Event for me, for my Heart and I. I've been asked many times where the Turning Point was for us, and this is it. I'd been pressed to write the story in detail. When I first began, I wrote in the usual first person I, I, I, style which I don't care for. Makes me uncomfortable, but I was keen to tell the fullness of the story, as requested. At the time I had not written anything in the third person, nor in the style of this story. It just came. As it is now. Made me happy. Very happy. In this format, I too could enjoy the story. And every time I re-read it, or hear it now, I enjoy it again. Still makes me happy. There's much Value in it for me. Therein lies the reason for my Stories, the Personal Value. I believe this is so with the recounting of Memorable Events for anyone. If we do so in detail, we discover much More than we realised we knew. When it comes to Memorable Events, there's decidedly More to the story. That More we only discover if we re-tell our stories in…

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