Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobelia/episodes/The-Young-Young-Mans-Story---Ch-5-Necessary-Detours-Part-1-e2iveu  Continued from Ch 4 Part 2: https://is.gd/GftB9fWaiting for the group to settle into the open yet secured comfort of the enclosed gazebo, Biella considered her Sharing of the Young Man. Outside, from every angle, a wild day sought to penetrate their cozy connectivity. “I'm telling a story of a story being told. My intent, our Intent, is to connect to the Young Man, to know him and his life. He strove to write via conversation, to actively Share through direct connection, especially if he felt invited and his efforts contributed to another in some way. He needed that justification of his actions, some leverage via Attunement to rationales of More. He could not Share himself simply for reasons which would solely be his own.”“Where's the however?” Ursula pre-empted with a cheeky grin.“Let me guess,” Nora extrapolated, “We're about to, possibly or potentially, side-step into Moreness.”“Just so,” Biella maintained her Sober mood, “I've debated extensively on the inclusion of such additions to our Story we are telling of the Young Man. Do I interrupt his Sharing of the YYM's story, as he himself did, or do I exercise my edit perspective?”“What do we not only want, but also desire?” Hrmumpt queried, implying a…

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