Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobelia/episodes/The-Young-Young-Mans-Story---Ch-6-The-Magic-of-Context-Part-2-e2k4d0Continued from Ch 6 Part 1: https://is.gd/ykG4CLThe Young Man: - I didn't immediately use the term Strategy for what I developed, it simply attached itself at some point later on. I had realised there were many many ways to deal with situations. One of the key Understandings inherent in this variety of option was the Understanding of Awareness.I studied the sources of potential trouble closely, teachers, bullies, parents, all of them. I analysed all of them and from this study flowed Understanding. I realised not everyone was aware of everything, therein lay survival advantage, and options. The other key Understanding then, was people didn't automatically act sensibly, as one would presume, well at least to my pre-teen mind. Or logically, or rationally. All of those were a factor of their Awareness.A key element of the strategy then rested on Knowing Others.  All of their actions *DID* follow a logic, of sorts. But typically narrow logic, closed logic, situational logic, circumstantial logic, internal logic. All of this odd logic was thus, lack-of-awareness-Logic. Or, bubble-logic.Again...L: - Yes!The Young Man: - Again, this was Yuuuge! My uncovering of these different logics meant if I could figure out that limited logic, all I had to do…

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