A review of Connie's book. :) Nobelia.org Self-Discovery Project @ConnieHabash, #AwakeningfromAnxiety, #Anxiety, #Spirituality,

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We explore what Connie does, Spirituality, and More. Nobelia.org/apply Self-Discovery Project #SelfImprovement #PersonalGrowth #LifeCoach #LifeCoaching #AuthorInterview #Spirituality #Anxiety #PositivePsychology

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We explore Connie's book, what she does and more. Nobelia.org Self-Discovery Project #SelfImprovement #PersonalGrowth #LifeCoach #LifeCoaching #AuthorInterview #Spirituality #Anxiety #PositivePsychology

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Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobelia/episodes/The-Young-Young-Mans-Story---Ch-7-The-Practice-of-Patience-Part-e2l6ab Continued from Ch 7 Part 1: https://is.gd/3Y0IwwThe Young Man: - Patience was one such Ability in particular I made much effort to acquire. Many many abilities and skills were important I felt to instil in myself, but Patience stands out, as does one other, Reading People. We'll get to it later.I'm trying to remember the Steps-of-Thought which led me to Patience. I recall its power and draw but off-hand not how I came to it. A construction I remember I arrived at by building a logic-train.I will immerse in my thinking of then which usually enables me to recreate my thoughts and in the process stirs and stimulates my memory. I'm spelling this out here, as I go, because this is a specific technique I've developed which falls under the Psychological tools and techniques I've created.This technique connects back to the not having to rely on memory position I had taken on as a goal in life. I figured if something was logically constructed in the first place, then there was little need to remember. All one had to know was the end point, in this case Patience. From there the rest should be relatively easy to re-construct and figure out again…

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