Podcast: https://Anchor.fm/Nobelia Mood Management Biella was asked: “You talk of the New Nobility being focused on just *Being.* But what do they *Do,* to just Be?” “Mood Management,” Biella simply said. She looked over to her Dear and glorious Friend and stated, “There comes a time in the life of a New Noble when they shift from living a personal life.” “What other kind of life is there?” Biella explained, “They take on Life as an Agent of the Universe….” “And then the exquisite Dance begins….the Dance of Power, the Dance of Joy… the Dance of Freedom. For it is a Dance of Control, a Dance of Responsibility. A Dance of Awareness and Attention. In this Dance we take up the task of Managing the Mood of the Universe, of the World, and everything in it. It is a stupendous undertaking. It is an impossibility, and yet we try. We Dance and Dance like never before. We never relent in our Dance of Joy, in our Dance of Cheer, in our Dance of Positivity. It is our Task, our Task to be Good, to set the Tone, to supply the Mood. Our personal feelings become irrelevant. We have undertaken the most sublime…

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