Continued from Ch 8 The Corner of Heaven Part 2:

5/11, 3:32pm
The Young Man: – How are you?

L: – “Ready for more YYM. 🙂 ”

The Young Man: – I’m letting the next bit build in me. And ah cool. How’s work coming along?
Bit flat. The Corner of Heaven Story took a lot out of me. 🙂

L: – “I can’t wait to give it my full attention.”

The Young Man: – Cool, Me too. 🙂

L: – “Yeah, that’s okay… do other stuff.”

The Young Man: – Ya, it’s just a bit of Patience needed. And the Power of Pause. 🙂

L: – “The Power of Pause. Nice.”

The Young Man: – 🙂

L: – “Time to pause would be nice 😀
Oh thanks for the link…
Oops sorry wrong chat.”

The Young Man: – Yeah – sometimes a few secs is all we need.

L: – “Okay later have a story for you, about last night while you were writing… I didn’t want to disturb you at the time .. .but it was quite cool.”

The Young Man: – YAY!!!! <3 🙂 😀 And you will never never disturb me. If I’m deep in it I just don’t hit enter is all. But I love when you say stuff and it’s never never ever a detraction. The opposite. It energises me. Just post as stuff comes, please. Because of course stuff is most Perfect in the Now. Yes?

L: – “Well but it changes your focus… and then the story gets put on hold…
every time. :)”

The Young Man: – Hahaha lol just seems like it 🙂 But there’s plenty time to tell the story. It’s not going away.

L: – “It was interesting though… quite anomalous for sure.”

The Young Man: – YAY!!!! Love those.

L: – “Alright I’ll just take a break and tell you now… while you were talking about “worrying” and how you noticed how if people would just wait a while they would realize there was nothing to worry about… I was watching a MK video, and he was saying the exact same thing…. only in a slightly different way… he was saying that what everyone wants is to feel safety overall… and it was that unknown that stands in the way of that… but anyway, every time you hit return and new copy would come, he would be talking about that same thing, lol only slightly different. Happened three times.”


The Young Man: -…

L: – “That’s all sorry.”

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 8.5 – Energy Building Interlude (Can be skipped)

The Young Man: – That’s Awesome !!! Awesome awesome awesome. 🙂 <3 <3 That’s from the U. That’s Magic. YAY!!!
So Simple….That’s the Magic and the genius of the U.

L: – “He said if people could see the big picture they would know there was never ever anything to worry about .. .because we are the Universe in human clothes just here to have a human experience and so we are as safe as can be no matter what ever happens, even if we die.
But it was just funny how what you were typing at that moment was what he was saying each time.”

The Young Man: – And of course about the Power of Patience. It’s a Superpower. 🙂
Yeah that’s most cool. Maybe he is me and I are him. 😀

L: – “Yeah… since we are all each other and all that. I’d say safe bet… Oh and he also said something else cool… about emotions.”

The Young Man: – …

L: – “He was saying all emotions, we just think they are ours, but we are all here In human bodies picking up on the “collective unconscious” emotions of the human condition in general and then playing them out in various ways so we could do our part to transmute it for humanity at large and for the earth… that each of us may think its ours but it really isn’t, it’s mass consciousness… we are each just doing our part to play it out… and so even if we’re feeling like crap we are doing our part to transmute… there is never ever a single moment this is not true, just we may not do it consciously and when we do it consciously well then we help to undo it rather than not… or something like that.”

“What I like the most about him other than the plain easy language he uses is that he makes me laugh like mad… he’s so funny and light-hearted that he’s an interesting guy to listen to… however found out the other day he claims to be getting his “downloads” from the Pleidians and says we are all Pleidians here… that this is our “home base”… so… dunno about that lol.”

“Lol. I’ve had enough identifying with that stuff hahaha.”

The Young Man: – Ah most interesting,. The Ring of Power of Don Juan. Yeah I do feel we are hooked into it. But in different ways a bit than he says. Or additional ways. To me the mass consciousness is the belief system which leads to the construction of the reality. So it’s more simple and also much more complex.

L: – “Well that makes sense .. that is “mass” that’s for sure,
And massive.”

The Young Man: – Yeah – to me I simply look at the cognitive intent. I don’t know how else to say it, but it’s looking past what people actually say to the abstract of it underneath. The Intent. That tells us a lot.

L: – “Yeah.”

The Young Man: – And just from what you’ve quoted from him and from what you said now, there are small pieces that mean much. Those are the bits which are not necessarily needed or verifiable, and they’re sprinkled in between, and those are the bits which have an Intent to them to appeal to people’s desire to feel “special.” That’s the red flag every time.

L: – “Which one?”

The Young Man: – Whenever someone is appealing to the ego of another that’s a huge red flag. Now that doesn’t mean that what they are saying is all bunk. Just that they might be, and most likely are using the truth for other agendas.

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 8.5 – Energy Building Interlude (Can be skipped)

L: – “Well I’d have to see specificity, why are you saying it’s ego?”

The Young Man: – Ah, I will go over again and pull what flagged me. Sec.

L: – “K”

The Young Man: – “…we could do our part to transmute it for humanity at large and for the earth and so even if we are feeling like crap we are doing our part to transmute…
…that there is never ever a single moment that this is not true”

L: – “Those are my words though, not his.
All my words.”

The Young Man: – Yeah, you are paraphrasing, I understand that.
Intent comes through despite whose words they are.
Now of course it may be true. But if one is going to make such statements they kinda need some backing and not just someone’s word.

L: – “And could have gotten it wrong… I was blabbing away in a hurry so don’t analyse that… I thought you were going to go back and look at quotes I posted on FB.
Well I said “he said” .. and that was kind of the gist and if we are all one then it would by inference, be a true statement that it all belongs to the “overall” if we are all one in a way.

The Young Man: – It’s not each individually either. But if someone is telling you that you are doing good and also to expect feeling like crap, that is a warning for me.
And Ah no, you posted some quotes in chat.
But I want you to understand something clearly here L. You are taking what I am saying a bit wrong here.

L: – “No no… that came out wrong lol… chat sucks for that.
His point was don’t beat yourself up about it… really.”

The Young Man: – So what exactly is my actual opinion of what he said via what you said. Am I saying it’s nonsense? No. Am I agreeing with him, Yes.
Hahaha yeah chat can give the wrong flavour and that’s what I am trying to correct lol. 🙂 😀

L: – “That if we realised we were just here having an experience and that the real us was the U then we would/could lighten up about and say, it’s ok until it passes… this too shall pass …”

The Young Man: – I was just saying I got red flags. Yes they’re extremely little to go on. And I will treat them as such. I always do. But of course they are exactly what we need to pay attention to and Trust Suspiciously.
It makes no difference at all to the Value we can EXTRACT from what he or anyone says.

L: – “Right… enough “story line” about what who what’s wasn’t when none of it can be proven.
And yeah sometimes he says things that really feel like “self important” or “self ego” and then he will laugh about the fact that some people listening to him will think just that… so he covers his ego ass as he goes lol.
I find that humorous.”

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 8.5 – Energy Building Interlude (Can be skipped)

The Young Man: – So to me it’s just a marvellous example of what you were saying the other day. We are the ones to decide what’s what. We can never fully believe anyone. Only listen and decide for ourselves.
So those little little red flags are monumental Gifts from the Universe.
They keep us honest. They keep us questioning and keep us checking and double checking. If we’re a little bit suspicious we don’t get lulled into accepting everything just because the overwhelming majority is excellent. That’s the danger, and the Gift.
Ninety-nine times out of a hundred being good is all fine and well, except when hundred comes along and kills one. So that to me is the value of those red flags. They may be nothing, most likely are. But they keep us Deliberate.

Yeah the trick is to *Extract* value, not *Accept* it. Yeah?

L: – “Yep.”

The Young Man: – I assume you have noticed my Yeah? and Yes? I regularly use. And that’s why. I never assume, and I never want to Share anything that’s not just that, a Sharing. So *Everything* I Share is always always up for debate and questioning. That’s what I want. That way I learn.

Haha, Part of the Way of the New Nobility. 🙂 <3

L: – “Sorry, mouse was busy creating complicated window mask this house I’m working on is really complex in the masks… tedious.
And the absolute worst thing one can do is rush… there’s no hurrying thru a complicated mask… unless of course you want to do it all over again once you realize you F’d up the first time.
The ultimate test of patience, my job, really.
You tie it back to the theme of the day. 🙂 ”

The Young Man: – Lol, what I find so interesting is when I’m suspicious of stuff, you give me bit of a hard time. But every time it’s happened so far it has been *After* you yourself have usually expressed some sort of a doubt or suspicion. 🙂 Your writing is filled with these Awesome honest suspicions and Doubts. Which are really just questionings. I find it so awesome how you tap into those things which need questioning. I just wonder how much you listen to your own Wisdom of Suspicion. <3 <3 <3

And what you said about the mask. So symbolic. The Abstract of that is Awesome. Brilliant. Yes, we cannot rush into these things. When we’re building a complicated house, (Us,) we better get it right first time or we have to go back and do it all over again. And that’s messy. 🙂

L: – “Lol”

The Young Man: – Ya Patience, it’s truly a most most Awesome Superpower.

L: – “Hahahaha.”

The Young Man: – Lol it’s true – You have an awesome BS nose.

L: – “Yeah, I guess I am just trying to head it off at the pass since the comm is so subject to misunderstanding… all one has to go on is what the other writes, not what they are thinking when they write it lol.”

The Young Man: – Yeah. Two things on that for me. I always remember, and if I can get the other person to remember as well, that’s awesome:
“Communication is a haphazard business.”
Thus trust the Good intent and Patience of the other.

Haha and maybe – always stick with it until Resolved. 🙂 😀 But that’s implied in the Trusting of Patience and Good Intent. 🙂 <3

L: – “Are we resolved? I am… are you? This image I am working on is a BEAR.”

The Young Man: – Oh yeah totally, was never a prob my end. 🙂

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 8.5 – Energy Building Interlude (Can be skipped)

L: – “It’s funny, as I guess I’m a little agitated cuz it feels like ___ did “over shoot” this house… not only are the images complicated, but there are soooo many of them… and I know he isn’t charging any more for it… so I get a little agitated about it… trying not to, but it’s the end of the day and my butt hurts and and and…”

The Young Man: – Hahaha – I have never, not once been annoyed or angry or even irritated by you L. <3 <3

L: – “I didn’t think so… 🙂 Just with the resolved comment wasn’t sure what that meant.”

The Young Man: – Aww, Yeah I hear you. I’m happy to absorb a bit of venting, even if it comes indirectly. No worries. Pretty much most of the time if people are stressed in some way it’s about something else not the thing they are using to express the stress.

Because they can’t really do it directly. Usually that will just sound like complaining . 🙂 😀 So I never take things directly. I look for what else is going on. So it’s never me this way of course. 😀 😀 😀

Ah, the resolved comment was a general Statement of intent. Of what’s important to me. If I don’t end up with Resolution then it’s a waste of time. And time is precious. So I always keep going until Resolved. And also, if stuff is left unresolved they become arse-biters. 🙂 Yeah?
Love chatting to you L. Love it.

L: – “How does one bite their arse?
U are talented!

The Young Man: – Haha – Leave stuff Unresolved to find out. 😀 😀
Yes – U are Talented!!!! Like that.
I is a we. Always I is: I and U. !!!!!!!

L: – “My dad was in my dream last night, been a very long time… and he even looked like he did in this life, which is also unusual… it was a very good dream there was no unresolved stuff… details not important… that was the takeaway… all resolved.”

The Young Man: – A Collaboration!!!!

L: – “?
Oh arse biting?

The Young Man: – BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!!!!!!

L: – “Yeah that would take collaborating.

The Young Man: – Haha lol no I am not Marv Albert. 😀
LOL L LOL 😀 😀 😀 😀 You making me laugh.

L: – “Yeah, ya know the vamp thing was huge… and the resulting lesson and determination is to ‘walk a path cautiously optimistic.'”

The Young Man: – YES!!!!!!!!!!
And The Hand?

L: – “Because it was a sense of “victimhood” in the whole dad thing, ya know, a sense of helpless that’s now resolved… so I’m my own parent now.”

The Young Man: – I miss those daily status reports of the progress.
<3 <3 “…so I am my own parent now.” – Excellent. <3 <3

L: – “Hand is milder .. milder… each day… a little residual but much much better… yeah, in the dream I was his parent in a way. I came to tell him my sister and I would be coming to move him to Kauai to live with us next year…”

The Young Man: – So cool, 🙂

L: – “He was in some ‘home’ of sorts.”

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 8.5 – Energy Building Interlude (Can be skipped)

The Young Man: – Fantastic. What a Gift from *YOU* this time (I guess U also) But from YOU.
Love the Abstract symbolic meaning of that.
You so Awesome with the symbolic stuff.

L: – “Yeah… felt good, but also and this is important .. .just “normal”… it was just normal in a non-emotional issue way.
No stuff attached at all.
Which was anomalous lol.
So other than that and one heart flash… that’s all I recall of last night’s “dream time.” 🙂 Love the heart flashes lol.”

The Young Man: – That’s the Awesomeness of the Gift. And to me that you see that side of it. That is so so so much more difficult than one would think. We kinda geared to “looking for more.” Looking for the “Deeper hidden Meaning.”
Cigars lol. 🙂 😀

L: – “So sweet and cute… and even though I get them a lot… the U always manages to make it flash in a moment of least expectance, lol so it’s always a surprise. 🙂 ”

The Young Man: – That’s what I love about the U. One never gets to that point where it isn’t a surprise every time. So Awesome.

L: – “<3 Yeah.
Another fun convo with The Young Man.”

The Young Man: – Love you U!!!
Heehee. <3 <3
Another fun convo with LITOJMO

L: – “Where did the MO come from?”

The Young Man: – LiMo

L: – “Oh haha.
I like LiMo… still my fave cuz it’s goofy.”

The Young Man: – So soon she forgets herself. 😀

L: – “Haha.
Like some furball.”

The Young Man: – Yes, love LiMo.

L: – “TOJ is kind of serious… that TOJ
Teehee LiMo.”

The Young Man: – Yes I do prefer LiMo – I don’t get goofy from it at all. It’s like everything, depends on context. 🙂

L: – “I can’t work all night typing out this silliness lol ..
Still working!”

The Young Man: – Hahaha kk laters a bit. Gonna have another coffee and get back to writing.

L: – “So make it count, haha.

5/11, 5:26pm

Continued in Chapter 9 – Lore of the Land:

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 8.5 – Energy Building Interlude (Can be skipped)
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