Grace is a Power.”

Biella added, “…The Abstract of things intrigued The Young Man no end. More importantly, he made an effort to always remember, as he would repeatedly say: ‘The Obvious is not always the Obvious.’ And, ‘The Obvious is not always Obvious, *until* it was obvious.’ There *is* a difference. That difference was very significant to the YM.”

“He also loved Fine Discrimination,” Fine Noble smiled half apologetically. “His words, not mine.”

“When the YM had been setting up his memory and his mind, when he had been considering learning and instructions regarding Translation-Mechanisms, he had had another Profound insight.” Biella paused for Eluminia.

“He was full of them,” Eluminia said soberly. “He lived a profound life. He looked for the Profound, he sought the Profound, he absorbed it, installed it every opportunity he could. He *Used* the Profound. What was Profound to him he always made every effort to incorporate into his life. Or mostly, to be more accurate, he incorporated himself into the Profoundness. He would make Profound changes to himself and his life in order to accommodate his Personally Profound insights. Always a huge deal to him. Never caring if it was Profound to the greater world. He did not consider his own insights in such a way. If it was Profound to him, he stopped his life until he could fully integrate with the Profoundness. What’s more, he never let go of that feeling of Profoundness. He would often say how the most tiniest of things could have enormously Profound implications and consequences. It affected him deeply. He never let go of the Understanding and Awareness that if he had not reacted so deeply to those small but Profound insights and understandings, his life might have been completely different. How he might have missed out completely. He never forgot that.”

Eluminia looked the Group over with a fierce glare. “The Profound importance of what is Personally Profound, is something the New Nobility constantly strive to bring to bear in their own personal lives. We can all learn from the Young Man in this.” Eluminia had a deep connection to what she said. Almost as if she was remembering. It was intense.

The Aspirants looked suitably affected. Biella simply sat still for a long while, considering Eluminia’s earnest intent herself. Profoundness most dear to her also.

“‘The Profound is so important, so critical, so influential, so consequential. How can we *not* change everything when encountering the Profound.’ – The Young Man,” Biella quoted, “From his Collected Writings.”

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