Story Synopsis:

The Aspirant, after their Intense Sharing, and the profound Personal-Shift which resulted from putting their ghosts to rest, finds themselves transported out of their ordinary reality to a figurative and semi-mythological island, interacting with themselves as they explore. A mysterious and magical place where reality is not as fluid as usual, where time and vision are not linear,
but instead follow the fluid and flexible Moreness-Logic of: Appropriateness, Relevance, and Pertinence.
Here, because of the Aspirant’s focus and deep Intent of moving themselves into Moreness, they encounter an actual mechanism for doing so:
the barrier-between-the-worlds.
The Aspirant discovers what’s involved in making that crossing and what’s still needed. Much is revealed to the Aspirant, by way of confirmation of existing philosophy and new revelations. The Aspirant’s experience is filled with multi-layered meanings and symbolic references, as such experiences are. There’s More, by way of references to the known, as in literature and philosophy, and also to new revelations, conceptions, and paths not before encountered.
The Aspirant, even though already having a sophisticated philosophy regarding death, now finds that sophistication updated and also reinforced, coming away from the experience refreshed as to their commitment to Application, Application now very specifically: the Application of Preparation.

Part Two – The Me of When and More – Journeying Into The Realm of Moreness

The Aspirant found LiMo, again, And again, LiMo waited, “Again, I have been thinking,” The Aspirant began, began their Journey of Sharing, “My Me-of-Now wants to know, to know about my Me-of-When, the when of me that is to be. since, what is not, is Me-of-Then, and Me-of-Now, is looking further, further into the More.” “I have learned,” understood the Aspirant, their eyes looking through time. “What I Learned, learned from my ghosts, is that, Me-of-Now, is a ghost, a ghost which can be mine, mine as choice I choose to host.”
“But…” agreed LiMo.
“But, a future ghost,
is a ghost of choosing, a ghost I choose. The Aspirant pointed, pointing LiMo’s gaze at what’s to come. “Behold the Isle, LiMo, behold my Me-of-Then, Then, I’m not alone. Me-of-Then is there, there with Me-of-Now.”
LiMo nodded, her gaze shifting, slightly.
“Yes, I am Assisted,
I am Assisting.
Assisting my Me-of-More.”

“Why LiMo? Why this need? Why need for two of me, two to journey to that Isle, two to serve, and three to brave crossing of that placid sea? Why LiMo?”

LiMo waited, waited on that crossing. “Yes Why?” LiMo floated at the Aspirant.

“Why, because you are not two,
you are not three,
yet three, is.
And is, yet, the me of Thee.”
The Aspirant Stretched,
Stretched into then,
the then of yearning, the Then to Come. “On Landing there, there on that beach of bare, bare soul, bare bone, bare as alone, complete alone. I stood, me and my Me-of Then, now comforted by a lonely wood. Standing, I knew only one more step, and knew I could step, only that one step, as never can we step past one, not until, that step of one, is a step Rightly Done.”
“I stepped a one, and stepped another one, and there, on that Isle-of-Then, I did ensconce my wooded-me, finished, I did seek to Tree, and there, not one, but three, amidst the many, calling to my me, where I did seek to ponder, to ponder if now perhaps, I might be free.”
“Yet, I was not,
as I was no More,
and then LiMo,
right then,
on this momentous Knowing,
this understanding of my I, as Lore, me Understanding my I, is Lore, right there LiMo, there just passed, passed those three trees of yore, there opened, opened to my Me-of-More, there beckoned a portentous door. Yes LiMo, a Door, The Door of No-More.”
“I paused, Paused with all of self still there,
as power joined, to carefully bind my inner core, the doorway having no door, no frame, nothing more than shimmer, reflecting through that wooded glimmer.”
‘Come come, come claim your claim.’
“Stepping to the portal bright, I stepped,
and in that moment of my step,
I felt through a water not quite wet,
an essence curtain pulling at my spirit,
revealing, I was no Unshackled,
no, not yet.”
“Not one to flinch from press,
I pressed, further into that wasteland yond,
a nothingness, filled with weight,
each step heavy, heavy, heavier to heavier with each stress.
Never one to flog the self with futile quest,
I stepped my mind through coming hate,
rejecting, I returned, realising, I need improve my best.
Questions now I had, why so heavy, why so thick,
why so slow,
wherein lay my crossing trick?”
“Needing more, instinct turned me from that door,
to find, sharply in my space, the Assistant,
now come ashore.
‘Ha, Mariner, not so ancient,’ I did greet.
“Come you to Share your story,
or is that my fate to meet?
Although, what wedding, is unknown,
perhaps not fitting,
thus please enlighten, I do entreat.’”
“That One, I did feelsome part my greater whole.
now Shared what was to be her fitting role:
‘I bring you knowing you could not know, as you have come before your due, results of earnest learning connecting Greater Flow, and, such as you, are sadly, uncommon few. The Journey now before you few do make, not with clear knowing, nor awareness of what’s at stake, and not while open-eyed and wide awake. The Crossing of that desolate plain, held in by thresholds of residual pain,
yield resistance in direct compare,
to that which we’ve yet to bear. To make requirements clearly clear,
look you on these three trees so dear, what reveals regarding lingering fear?’”
The Aspirant, now stopped in all they did think past done,
peered deep to unseal those three trees of More,
one aged, one potent, one budding with as yet,
all obvious as to their core,
a three, but now revealed as whole and healing One,
“LiMo, do Hear me,
as here I did remember learnings done,
Balance gained and battles won,
I remembered LiMo, I did,
Applied to that copse of three,
I shirked not from deep truths maybe hid,
What had I learned LiMo?
The assistant now bid me know,
I pulled from within my fortress strong,
Shift, release, let go, be less.
I did ease, my breaths now long,
but wait, a look to Assistant’s eye,
I paused, queried, waiting for the why.”
“’To unbind from that unneeded, is but the early task,
there’s More, more More you are now asked,
to cross that lonesome fearful plain,
required you lose all, not only obvious pain,
all that which causes life’s perpetual drain.
No no, if only these had been for those few ventured steps,
you’d now be truly dead,
sent back to redo and learn again,
to perchance learn what’s never learned,
life after life of efforts vain.’”
“‘This here we have a levelled challenge,
as you’ve learned the usual lessons,
and pressed on past the pressures plain,
a life of good and right and virtued in the main,
but, but now, you seek what lies beyond,
you wish to venture, to venture far into that realm across,
where you might find, find your heart’s desire, free and clean of all life’s dross,
and on, on into that Realm of Moreness,
where you just might, just might set your soul afire.’”
“’That plain acts on the soul unpure,
the more that’s carried,
even if believed so sure,
serves to catch both wind and weight,
as any you like to call your baggage,
bears not carried to reach your sought for fate,
your burden now to shed,
are all ideas, beliefs, and ideals wed,
ambitions, goals, even aspirations bold,
now must fall to forgo their clinging hold,
you know this in your deep,
as you’ve already uttered understandings
which you know to keep,
one such is your I as Lore,
that I, which now, you know is not your core,
it’s but a figment of passions passing quick,
as time is measured, by soul’s measured click.’”
‘”Around and round I dance this sharing tale,
to coax from you to drop that subtle veil,
to here and now make your leap so grand,
a trusting leap to waiting Mother’s promised Hand.’”
The Aspirant sighed a sigh to shift the ocean’s tide,
“I know, I know, I know from what’s averse to hide,
a gruelling task I shall attempt,
with all deep vigour from me to summon,
a fate from which I choose not be exempt,
towards the beckoning portal I did stride,
astride Determination to be my least,
a first of efforts bent to improvement’s beast,
shedding thoughts and hopes and all desire’s binding,
I ventured into that wasteland’s purge of real-self finding,
my task and challenge known
ere even assistant’s reminding share.
On I plunged, unbinding self from wish’s glare,
further now, easier than earlier’s precocious way,
yet alas, I’ll not grind your receptive ear,
each step yet weightier and gloomier than the failing day,
foretelling doom of efforts dear,
and there, there on that plain of soul’s reveal,
I did fail to shed deep emotions binding seal,
but, imagined blackness dark and cold,
as yet delayed its promised hold,
and though, as in a dream to/too clear,
I am returned to what I still hold dear,
and here you find me LiMo, as still I was,
and find me still as now,
with one large difference as to the how
which eluded on my trial so sure,
a gift I see now of knowing pure,
LiMo, this, this I now do know,
the path to purging what yet binds unfree,
is one of practised repeated Being as Tree.”
LiMo regarded that Aspirant’s Joy,
cueing detail more than shared,
knowing this Aspirant one not coy,
on a True Path, now newly bared.
“I am, I am,” committed the Aspirant,
“Committed to my Task renewed,
say you LiNew, anew, afresh,
what I have not as yet construed.”
LiMo replied, saying nothing.
“Nothing, as new, yes LiMo,
Application, same as before,
same doing, yet new Understanding,
repeat now bears repeating,
emphasising emphasis, a potent oar,
to know is not to live,
to live is not to know,
no, not necessarily, as now I need to show.
I need BE all I am,
how can we not, you may enquire?
I have learned, learned to hold,
hold my mood, change my mood,
and choose which mood I need make bold,
accomplishments of time and effort, dearly sold,
but yet, yet not what that crossing of my Spirit asks,
these need be innate, my very innards default tasks,
and also thoughts, thoughts both known and not,
and that which flows from thinking,
set of mind and fix of face, to Intent I must allot,
and feel and have and be deep in posture’s rightful stance,
as in the end LiMo, all of mind’s deep Intent,
is but to Feel, feel the most we can enhance,
Feel the all, as all to feel is Spirit’s potent bent.
Just as mind needs mind to be aware,
so Spirit uses body,
to reflect and know, improve, adjust, and share,
it’s goal, and end, to master emotion’s burning glare,
risking perils of immersion’s trapping lair,
but, safeguarded by body’s fore-known demise,
if trapped in unwanted beliefs and lies.
My task LiMo, our task, to break habit’s deadly hold,
to choose, to be, to create our superlative feelings bold,
this our purpose and our end,
for when we feel the most that feel can be,
where More to spend our precious energy,
so dearly dearly purchased, simply to be free?”
“And now to close my epic Share,
a short poem, shared to my Soul laid bare:”
“You are, you are, a donna-More,
You are, you are, a portal door,
Enjoy enjoy your Gift’s delight
Enjoy enjoy your Power’s might.
As your Intent is pure and good,
and guides you purely on your Path of Could,
Remove remove all doubts of should,
and thus, you freely free, your Spirit’s Magic Would.”

The End


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