Their Free Chat flowed inward. 
The mood of the idea of sharing 
so intimately,
taking hold on the crowd.
Biella said nothing. 
A delicate breeze had come by. 
Nobelia incredibly generous with weather. 
The breeze touched here, whispered there, 
collecting it seemed, 
the collective mood and feel of the crowd. 
Circulated back to Biella
she absorbed it, 
absorbing the crowd, 
absorbing its collective Intent. 
Biella felt Moreness build in her, 
a response, 
a response of collective expression.
Her Attunement with the crowd intense.

Moved to be poetic, 
Biella let loose her artistry,
compelled to share in reverent tones,
she quoted:

“Remembering the choices, 
remembering the dreams, 
remembering the nuance, 
there lies the heart. 
Sailing the seas of our sorrows… 
but it can turn. 
We can be one. 
Commitment to…

As always, 
I repeat my litany: 
“This too shall pass…This too shall pass…”
Storms never last.

Going inward,
with honesty –
going into the next,
we bid farewell –
no regrets no laments,

How do I honour thee? Love that is me?
I fear the loss, the sinking,
but yet I float,
floating is not an idea,
imagination is an idea.
The Seas-of-Life are for sailing.
Sailing is alignment,
sailing is flow,
the flow of what is:
Attunement –
are we attuned to our love or our loss?

We cannot sail directly into a wind.
We can sail at an angle into it
Heavy going,
The same with simply letting the wind push us.
No creativity, no enhancement.
Sailing the wind,
truly sailing the wind,
requires embracing it, using it,
flowing its power around and through us.
When combined,
we go faster than the wind,
we are More.

Pity a drag,
pity only for ourselves –
no honour in pity.
We believe we need to care with our sorrow.
Sorrow doesn’t nourish the ship,
only love of joy can nourish.
Sorrow an anchor.
Too long at anchor and the rot sets in.
Our Ship-of-Self needs to sail,
to envelope the Wind of Love.

Life-Sailing is celebration,
a celebration of the joy of power,
the power of memory.
The power of memory filling us with feeling.
Only in joy can we honour
that power of the memory of Love.
Love of the memory manifest as now.
Blowing its power from within us.
This Soul-Sailing is Living.

We fear the rough shores of disapproval,
the eddies and undertows of expectation.
But we forget,
we forget we are free to sail the oceans of our Love.
Our Love is endless,
going everywhere, touching all,
encircling us. 

It’s not the all of us,
we are More.
The ocean is never truly quiet,
there is change, newness,
we traverse,
we do not float.
We embrace the full power of that love
as it blows us to lands anew.
Lands anew of hope,
lands anew of promise,
lands anew of opportunity.
All the while our breeze from the sea
blows upon our heart, nourishing and sustaining.
Sometimes more, sometimes quiet.
As Soul-Sailors we are modest,
we know the wind is more than us,
we know it is connecting with wind,
at the right time, in the right way,
that is our strength.
This Wind is Spirit.

As sailors of life the wind is our lover.
We are intertwined.
We know the wind is never fully ours.
It never was.
It flows over us, in us,
and through us.
We are lucky when the wind and us are one.
We know the Wind-of-Love is a gift which comes,
and a gift which goes.

Goes on to blow across the heavens.
We cannot cling to a Love-Wind forever.
It is now a wind elsewhere.
We know too,
this wind will come again,
such Power-Winds are never the same,
but it is wind,
the Love of wind
is the wind of Love.

Even on land,
wind brings us joy, a smile of knowing,
a remembrance of the glory of its force.
We know the Power of the Wind-of-Love.
We know we sail again,
we know there are many many ways to Soul-Sail.
Master sailors now,
we sail on land,
in the air,
in our hearts,
in our dreams.
The Joy of Wind is ever with us
as is our Love, who is no more…”

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