The Wonderland of Friendship - Featured Image

Friendship is a *Chosen* commonality based on a taken-for-granted Trust and assumption of Good Intent. One of the few times assumption is Appropriate. “To me, once you have been so accepted into my Being as a Capital F Friend, doesn’t matter what you do or say, I will always assume first that the Intent is good, even if perhaps wholly misguided or temporarily diverted by extraneous forces such as misconception, irritation, annoyance, failure to comprehend, opposite-logic, comparative-mindset and the like. All just temporary.

Another aspect of how I see Friendship is the always-willingness to sort shit out, essential to any ongoing Friendship. But first and foremost is that utter Trust, belief, innate knowing, and Understanding that when it comes to us, to our Friendship, that conviction in the Good Intent we have for and to each other is paramount and imperative. The basis for all that yummy Goodness which is this kind of Friendship. A Friendship which can then transcend any differences, to that wonderland where those Differences become not only Celebrated, but treasured.”

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