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No expectations and no obligations; the closer we come to this ideal, the less stress in a relationship, any relationship.

 Relationship Magic

Relating is so exciting, to be fully-engaged is marvellously exhilarating! To be utterly present to another emotionally, spiritually, energetically. To experience them… to feel them, and to be present to it, curious and sacred. To feel the wisdom of the body convene and interpolate and percolate the experience. An experience that discombobulates at times, and is most enthralling at others. 

Life is about Relating. I never ever thought something so obvious had to be spelt out. That something as taken for granted as being real, as being authentic, as being sincere, was something that was so utterly nonexistent in another, until I lived with that other! Wow… how is it even possible to exist being so Empty?

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Mis-Investing in Love

Women invest tremendously into relationships. They know there is no return on the investment of time, life-coaching, stable and loving home-life, health and fitness improvements, good manners, good vocabulary, style enhancement, business partnership, reputation enhancement, door opening, connections, etc. etc.

Yet despite these boons and benefits, the bullshit-manipulator-narcissist, (BMN) keeps taking and taking and trying to annihilate, their unrelenting greed and avarice  causes them to not just remove home and holdings, but also to try to remove the individual’s artistry expressed via for instance dance, community, communion, etc. They will infiltrate private, intimate, personal places, even after official relationships are ended. That is lower than low. Just to brown-nose their way into what was a once sacred space and defile it via their typical mechanisms such as appealing to greed and loneliness, corrupting via fakeness. All this, the BMN perpetrates under the guise of “team” playa, simply because of wanting the appearance of being “friends!” They will co-opt others to provide a disguise for their real intentions and desires, which is maintaining a connection they can exploit and get advantage from.

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Discernment Dividents

What does that reveal? It reveals the nature of the beast and the nature of those who sell out for cheap “benefits,” not realising they will pay dearly and already have been contaminated and corrupted. That through the very presence of a BMN a space and place can be defiled, sullied, marred and ends up attracting the lowest common denominator… the lost, the lonely, and the derelict of spirit. That is how climate-change of a space is effected by introducing a toxic element to the environment!!! The BMN is super-toxic, with a benign and innocuous facade – a well-disguised creep.

Observing someone’s cognitive process with a focus on their intent, reveals what their facade tries to hide. Patience is a Virtue that even the un-virtuous are capable of. No artist of any Integrity is ever held hostage by the things, spaces, places or people they love. They can, and do, walk away.

Being Noble is a Choice, not a Necessity. Being Honourable, is a matter of being principled and Ethical. The Stairway To Heaven is paved with Living Up to one’s Good Intentions.

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