Perspective-Shift for Self-Discovery Workshop-Experience

Spiritual Treasure-Hunt Key-Experience Sedona Workshop Event

Undergo a Profound and Transformative Shift-of-Conception to Gain Awareness

You’ll participate in two sessions, each approximately 2 hours hours, where you’ll explore and stretch your mind and self via interactive participation with questions, responses to the experiences and perspectives presented, and feedback as we progress through the various exercises of the workshop, including content via audio, spoken and printed material. TakeAway and/or overview sessions will be outdoors, weather permitting. All materials provided.

Groups less than ten are hosted in our home in Sedona and large groups of 20+ in alternate locations such as the Sedona Creative Life Center as appropriate.
For details: [email protected]

We offer customised workshops on request, such as follow-up consolidations and integrations or tailored workshops for groups such as corporate retreats etc.
Topics include:
Development of Solid Sophisticated Core-Character
Living-Via-Attunement and Anomalies
Anxiety and Worry Management & Reduction
Retraining the Brain through Emphasis
Spiritual Vocabulary Discernment and Exploration
Living as a New Noble
Being a Life-Detective and Trust
Immersive Recounting of Memorable Events and Significant Experiences

The Perfect Surroundings

This workshop is structured as a journey, like a good story, where the participant (hero) is presented with challenges to get to resolution and transformation. Your Hero’s-Journey requires a willingness to tackle deep assumptions and beliefs, as we will Perspective-Shift on profound (potentially sensitive) topics resulting in a new view of yourself and the world.

This progression of the participant’s-path will cover a range of Perspective-Shifts and topics from superlative moods to the Ten Commandments to spirituality and how we relate to Life and ourselves. Self-Discovery Project Workshops and Courses
Perspective-Shift for Self-Discovery Workshop-Experience

A Significant Experience

A participant commented on the Experience by saying, “I’m reminded of something I heard a long time ago: ‘You won’t really play golf until you envision swinging the club like a wet rope.’ It’s that kind of deep mindset change that happens here.

The workshop does exactly that, we bring about profound conception-shifts which are powerful and transformative, leading to actual usefulness and value.

Participant Benefits and Value

Meaningful for You
Deep and Profound Value
Life-Changing and Transformative
Eye-Opening Insights, Discernments, Understandings
Practical Usefulness by Bringing The More into Everyday Living
Actual Real Tangible Results to Take-Home
Extending & Impactful Self-Discovery
A New View of Self and the World
Significant Perspective-Shifts
Take-Home Action-Lists
Fun & Enjoyable

(Powered by: The A+ Philosophy.)

Together we’ll Experience and have fun moving through the workshop exercises to see the world and ourselves in an empowering shift. You’ll connect to yourself in uplifting ways you didn’t before from the new Perspectives acquired. Gain valuable insights into the deeper workings of how you relate to Life and Living.

Experience exciting, meaningful, useful and profoundly valuable new Perspectives on how you actually relate to your own life and what’s important to you. Through the exercises you’ll automatically connect in new ways to what gives you purpose and makes a difference, leading to a refreshed outlook on life and an invigorating, stimulating, spiritual and joyful new Way-of-Being and Feeling. You’ll come away transformed with a re-vitalised Energy-of-Living.

  • (Powered by: The A+ Philosophy.) Self-Discovery Project Workshops and Courses
Perspective-Shift for Self-Discovery Workshop-Experience
Perspective-Shift for Self-Discovery Workshop-Experience Self-Discovery Project Workshops and Courses
Perspective-Shift for Self-Discovery Workshop-Experience

Testimonial TakeAway

Workshop Timeline

– Arrival, Introductions
 – Audio Overview, Exercise 1, Questions
 – Exercise 2, Initial Formulations
 – Recap Exercise 2B, Questions
 – Personalized Application, Exercise 3
 – Questions, Audio Close, TakeAway
 – Reflection Walk or Short Hike (Depending on circumstances.)

Break, either lunch or overnight, depending on arrangements.

 – Audio, Exercise 4, Fine Tuning
 – Exercise 4B, Audio
 – Finalizing, Perspectives, Questions
 – How-To Summation & TakeAway, Exercise 5
 – Exercise 6, Practical Application, Audio
 – Overview TakeAway, Sharing, Reflection
 – Outdoor Communion and Application (Depending on circumstances.)

Perspective-Shift for Self-Discovery Workshop-Experience Self-Discovery Project Workshops and Courses Self-Discovery Project Workshops and Courses

Workshop Originators and Presenters

I’m Elevia, co-founder of the Self-Discovery Project along with my co-author and Experience-Partner Syl Sabastian. We enjoy hosting the Experiences as they are lots of fun, fulfilling and a spiritual endeavour. The Experience is an excellent mechanism for engaging and interacting. We enjoy exploring deeper. Our passion is Self-Discovery and this is represented in all our writings and books as well as the cohesive and extensive Philosophy we have developed over the years. (The A+ Philosophy) We love hearing the inner perspectives of our guests come to the fore, often surprising them.

The Best Experience Ever

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