Our current book; Overcoming and Understanding Today’s BullSh!t  is at the publisher. Now the fun begins. Sharing, Interacting and Connecting regarding the book contents and related matters as well as all the Launch Team updates.

The groups and subscriptions to our email lists are for staying current on our books and our longer-term project of The Nobelia.org Self-Discovery Project.  

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We’ll be sending out invitations to the groups and page as well as sign-ups for the email lists to all who have shown interest or asked us to. This is a huge list, so please forgive us if we miss you. This post is for the purpose of providing the information to find various links.

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The website, besides information regarding our books and projects, has a What’s happening section at the top which contains live feeds from our social media providing an easy way to see our various posts and content besides the main articles and updates posted on the website which will be shared via the email lists and on Facebook. 

Mainly, we will be interacting, sharing, and connecting via Facebook in the Groups. Looking forward to seeing you all there. <3

Elevia DeNobelia & Syl Sabastian

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(Yes, we know it’s a lot of hashtags, way more than we would normally use, but we are sharing them to give a nice overview of the range and scope of what we are focused on.)
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For comments and discussion of this post and others, visit the Self-Awareness Self-Improvement Discussion Group on Facebook, or comment below.