The pinned post and description for the SaSi Group. We hope you will join us in the Group as we travel the marvellous Path of Self-Discovery.

Here we will be focused on anything involving Self-Discovery in any way, including Positive Exploration of just about any topic, particularly those Shared on But, we ask all involvement come from a perspective of Understanding.

Whether it be Sharing your Understanding, feeding back what you believe your Understanding might be of what another has Shared, or if it is asking questions to further Understanding, as long as it involves Understanding in some way, it’s all good. 

We are completely not interested in agree or disagree. When the Intent is geared to Understanding those become somewhat irrelevant. We can Understand, and disagree, for instance. People are Different, and part of our Self-Discovery Journey entails *Celebrating* and Understanding Difference.

The more we know the Difference of others, the more we know ourselves.”

We especially encourage uninhibited Sharing, comments, and questions, as much as you like, the more the better. We will do our very best to participate as much as we are able. This group is not only about us, it’s about all who join and delight in the Positivity of Understanding. We intend to travel that glorious Path of Self-Discovery with as much Collaboration and friends as possible.

Elevia DeNobelia & Syl Sabastian

P.S. – We’ll be Sharing our various posts, projects and books here by way of providing content for discussion and furthering Understanding. If you wish to receive this content via email, subscribe here:

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