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Also, to show off a bit, this from the most excellent Rik Ty and brilliant author, who graced my book with an insightful, thorough and most excellent review, which I deeply Appreciate. Rik’s reviews are a treasure, he really gets inside and reveals the Moreness. Here’s his Impeccability displayed with his insights on and of: Making Sense of Toxic Abusive People by Syl Sabastian and Elevia DeNobelia.

October 31, 2022
This book is an immensely friendly, life-affirming, and continuous re-examination of perhaps three main principles wrapped in one idea: that awareness, discernment, and understanding of everything that is happening when dealing with a toxic, false-front person will help the reader remove themselves from the situation –
– perhaps by removing their relationship with the toxic, false-front person,
– perhaps by removing the falseness IN the relationship,
– but DEFINITELY by removing the POWER of the toxic falseness.
This is an unusual book, on an unusual topic. I’m a bit older, and had to go back to my late teens and early twenties to think of the last time I had to deal with any toxic, false-front people, and I didn’t voluntarily deal with them for long (when I say “toxic, false-front person”, I’m referring to the word suggested in the title, and yikes – I do creative work, and there is a great deal of psyching myself up that I do before undertaking major projects – this book gave me the uncomfortable feeling that I may be the most false-front person I know.) ANYWAY… I feel that I could have received the general idea of this book in ten pages or so. If you are a person who isn’t dealing with any toxic, false-front people – bosses, co-workers, teachers, romantic entanglements, etc., you might feel the same – then again, you probably wouldn’t look at this book in the first place – so who WOULD enjoy the book? Definitely any fans of psychology texts – the authors here are very talented, the word flow is smooth and friendly, and the subject matter is scandalously interesting – at least from a distance.
But what if you’re a person who IS stuck in a relationship with a toxic, false-front /abuser? For that person, this book is a great strengthener. Any person picking up this book already knows they have a problem in this area. For that person, this book is a great tool. First, it will give you a time-out. This book will fill your evenings for a week or two, and during that time you can be pro-active mentally, while remaining calm and chill in your day-to-day dealings. This book examines different aspects of a few focused ideas: discerning what’s going on in every side of a false-front situation, giving the reader insights again and again, aiming for the realization that when the false-front collapses, the behavior cannot be sustained, or it has to be acknowledged as what it is. Reading the text gives the reader the time and tools to absorb the ideas, to consider them, and eventually to utilize them. This suggests a development period for the reader similar to that of young eagles in the nest – trying out their wings in the safety of their own private space – again and again – BEFORE making their great leap into the sky. Do you have a great leap you are afraid to make just yet? Read the book. Strengthen your wings. You CAN remove toxic falseness from your life, and this book will help you do it!


Available here:
Making Sense of Toxic Abusive Peoplehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MTKY8VW
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