Announcement: Debut Professional Interview! Syl Sabastian Interviewed by Celebrity Interviewer Jill Mancini, Part 1 of 10 on PBN Network – 

Episode One airs Wednesday April 3 at 11:30 EST – 
– Following episodes on Wednesdays at 11:30 EST for the next 9 weeks

PBN Network is one of the premier podcast networks, ranking in the top 1.5% of all podcast networks worldwide. Syl has been asked/invited to do a series of ten podcasts because of the exceptionally excellent listener response to his test broadcast interview on PBN Network.
The interview series will consist of 5 half-hour video interviews and 5 half-hour audio sessions with live call-ins from listeners.

The interview series will consist of 5 half-hour video interviews and 5 half-hour audio sessions with live call-ins from listeners. A fully professionally produced series.

The entire interview series will then furthermore be rebroadcast 200 times over the next 12 months. In addition, 30-second promotions recorded by Syl Sabastian will be aired regularly to connect listeners to the series.


Furthermore, an extensive billboard advertising program in a major metropolitan area will further share and promote Syl Sabastian and the work he is doing.
All in all, this is a major, significant, and professional endeavour introducing Syl Sabastian and his phenomenal work to the world.

To listen/view live:

For more on Professional and Celebrity Interviewer Jill Mancini:

All episodes will be available here:

As well as here:
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We sincerely hope and wish all who know Syl will come and support him, and share the links and announcement with others, as such support makes a significant difference. 

Thank you.

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      (Pixar Syl)

I am only a small cog but people like you are needed to do the
assembling. I think the fact that we care about each other AND the
world makes the sum 1 + 1 = 3 !!! We are More! And it could be
possible with all of us like-minded souls to save the world. We are
helping the thinking and seeding. Especially YOU are! One day with Universe connection also, who knows… seeds are designed to grow and without seeds we would starve. Think how much work YOU do via your thoughts and cleverness with words. How many good seeds YOU sow. I can only help YOU in a small way. Grin. My view any way! Thank you for loving me and seeing my truth and helping me to grow.
– NB

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