The Way-of-Impeccability Life-Change Program

3-Day, Living With Castaneda & More, Workshop - Weekend Retreat Event

Practical Application of How to Live as a Spirit-Warrior

This Program takes places over 8 to 12 weeks comprising 8 online modules with 2-4 Content Sessions each. In addition there are at least two Live Interactive TakeAway Sessions each week. These are the heart of the Course, where the Way-of-Impeccability is customised to you, the individual, and your particular circumstances, Way-of-Being, and Intended Path, according to YOUR inner core values and sensibilities.

Presentations will include content via various media and are done at your own pace according to your own schedule. We’ll focus on how to Live as a Spirit-Warrior, customising this conception to you according to your personal Resonance.

The Way-of-Impeccability means just that. We’ll be taking a deep look at your underlying Way-of-Living and build upon that as a foundation, extending, clarifying and making sure you have Usable and Valuable Tools-of-Being you can actually Apply and Use toward your goal of Living Impeccably and Deliberately.

We’ll make sure you have a full and detailed grasp and connection to all the specific Power-Terms and Concepts used, a fundamental and essential part of the course, resulting in lasting Life-Change. You’ll build your own Dictionary-of-Power.

There’s much to the underlying philosophy, and we’ll be making sure you have a cohesive and practical structure with which to Self-Leverage yourself into Living the way you’d like to Live. To Live in ways you deeply resonate with and where you don’t feel compromised, living a Life not only filled with Joy and Sobriety, Impeccability and Integrity, but also life which has Meaning, Purpose and Significance, without which, we have nothing.

An Extended Way-of-living

We’re going to surprise you with the extent of the More which underlies this Deliberate Way-of-Living. Likely this has been perceived, intuited and felt, but a comprehensive approach to connecting to that More has not been readily available. We’ll be providing a considerable More. Profound and deep Conception-Shifts, understandings and connecting the dots we know to be in us., bringing it all into our Awareness and Being in ways we can relate and resonate with.

Not only will you experience a massive shift in comprehension and perspective, but you’ll have a lasting basis for a Way-of-Living which deals with life-issues and is a framework for deeply Empowered Living, not the surface slap-on of a temporary band-aid, but a fundamental re-structuring of Core-Character, the foundation which really matters.

3-Day, Living With Castaneda & More, Workshop - Weekend Retreat Event

Empowered Living & Purpose

You’ll set yourself on a Life-Path you have no reservations about, a Way-of-Being you’ll completely own as yours, without any doubts as to your personal validity. A Path which makes Living more than worthwhile, with no compromises. A Path not only fulfilling, realistic and practical, but transformative. A Path real and actual, making a real difference in every aspect of your life, from your work to your spirituality. A Path which enables you to be who you really want to be, never feeling guilty about who you are, or apologising for yourself, but instead we’ll contribute to furthering you on a Path not only Fun and Joyful, but ultimately Empowering.

We’ll put you on a Path which will make you Proud to be you!


Participant Benefits and Value

– A deeper definition of the Way-of-Impecability
– Redefining and Extending the Spirit-Warrior Conception
– Detailed Understandings of Key Concepts
– Making Sense of Life and the World and you Deep Self.
– An Overview Abstract Perspective of the Core Conceptions
– Connecting to the Underlying Psychology and Sobriety of the Spirit-Warrior’s Way
– Defining a useable practical detailed power-filled Way-of-Living
– Extending the Spirit-Warrior’s Way to provide that detailed comprehensive Way-of-Being we seek
– Connecting the A+ Philosophy and Way-of-Living to a more comprehensive Personalised structure
– Extending that structure into areas left untouched by typical living and societal norms-of-being
– Providing deep depth on all the aspects of the Course Content, making them accessible
– Linking existing understandings of power Vocabulary to more comprehensive insights
– Creating a Dictionary of Power, which is much more potent than it sounds
– Providing a solid, usable, Practical and Valuable Framework for Living Impeccably

 Meaningful for You
 Deep and Profound Value
 Life-Changing and Transformative
 Eye-Opening Insights, Discernments, Understandings
 Practical Usefulness by Bringing The More into Everyday  Living
 Actual Real Tangible Results to Take-Home
 Extending & Impactful Self-Discovery
 A New View of Self and the World
 Significant Perspective-Shifts
 Take-Home Action-Lists
 Fun & Enjoyable

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Module One – Intent & Appropriateness
Introduction – Course Taking Details
Focus-of-Purpose – Session One
Specific Practices – Session Two
How it All Makes Sense – Module One – Session Three

Module Two – TakeAways & Learning How to Learn
The Philosophy of TakeAway – Session One
The Moment of Now – Session Two

Module Three – Self-Conception & Dictionary-of-Power
Strategic Ways-of-Being – Session One
Exemplification-of-Being – Session Two
The Dictionary Of Power – Session Three
The Life-Detective and Trust – Session Four

Module Four – Impeccability & Super-Strategy
Impeccability and Energy-Management – Session One
Testing ourselves and what we know – Session Two
Making what’s Learned our OWN so we can be REAL – Session Three

Module Five – Emphasis & Self-Talk
Critical Self Talk and Essential Private Positivity – Session one
Application, Emphasis and Self-Proof – Session Two
The Value of Learning to Quote Ourselves – Session Three

Module Six – Habits & Mood-Management
Dealing with Habits and Routines – Session one
Mood-Management & Just Being – Session two
Critical Change of Confidence – Session Three
Full Incorporation & Practical Application – Session Four

Module Seven – Awareness & Making-Sense of it All
Insisting on Extracting the More – Session One
Capital T Trust – Session Two
Making Sense of it All – Session Three

Module Eight – Attunement Alignment & Anomalies
Intent and How it All Works – Session One
Attunement Alignment and Anomalies – Session Two
The Moment-To-Moment Doings of a Spirit-Warrior Are: – Session Three
The Way-Of-Impeccability is: – Session Four

Testimonial TakeAways

Self-Healing and Patience
Ch5 of the New Nobles, Ursula the Aspirant, Reading on FB and Zoom with Beena

Additional Services

We  offer customised workshops and courses on request, such as follow-up consolidations and integrations or tailored workshops/courses for individuals,  specialised groups and even corporate retreats etc.

Topics include:
Development of Solid Sophisticated Core-Character
Living-Via-Attunement and Anomalies
Anxiety and Worry Management & Reduction
Retraining the Brain through Emphasis
Spiritual Vocabulary Discernment and Exploration
Living as a New Noble
Being a Life-Detective
Living with Capital T Trust
Immersive Recounting of Memorable Events and Significant Experiences
Character Training

Email [email protected] for more info. Or to schedule a detailed call to discuss your particulars in depth:

Workshop Originators and Presenters

Syl Sabastian is the founder of the Self-Discovery Project, the Way-of-Impeccability Life-Change Program, and the Moreness-Project. Syl personally Facilitates the Programs along with a Co-Facilitators.

“We enjoy our roles as Facilitators of transformation in the workshops and courses  as they are fulfilling, lots of fun, and a spiritual endeavour. The experience is an excellent mechanism for engaging and interacting. We enjoy exploring deeper. Our passion is Self-Discovery as represented in all the writings and books as well as the cohesive and extensive Practical Philosophy (Syl has) developed over the years. (The A+ Philosophy) We love hearing the inner perspectives of our Participants come to the fore, often surprising them.”

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The Best Experience Ever

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