After waiting Patiently for a few years, Hedgi has finally found an illustrator, the Fabulous Erica Jayne. This means I will now move actively toward publishing Hedgi. I want to publish a few different versions of the Hedgi books.
Since they are Draw-Along books, I want a version with EJ’s drawings only, another with her drawings and space for your own, another with no drawings and then versions with a different artist drawing or painting on each page. The artists here being readers. 

Then of course also special on-demand versions of Hedgi books with only your drawings. Or someone you maybe want to surprise. Or maybe even a version comprised of a selection of your friend’s drawings, or a family version where all the drawings are from a family or a class etc. I am keen to see readers have their own books with their own drawings or paintings of Hedgi in them.  
Hedgi is very much a collaborative project.
I’ve set up a website for Hedgi, where reader drawings, updates, news etc will be featured.
Hedgi has his own email to which drawings and paintings can be sent, as well as any questions and also what mysteries you’d like Hedgi to to investigate.
Hedgi’s email: [email protected]
Hedgi will also have a subscription list where, once you’re subscribed, you’ll receive updates, news, and happenings directly in your email and can stay connected with Hedgi World. Still in progress. I’ll add the subscription sign up to this post once it’s in place.
Comments and feedback are always welcome.

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