Hedgi the Undercover Hedgehog Book Series

Book One: – Hedgi and the Cats 
Book Two: – Hedgi and the Turtles
ABOUT:  – A Draw-Along and colour-in book series featuring Hedgi in a series of adventures where Hedgi goes undercover in disguise to solve mysteries. Readers are encouraged to draw their own pictures in the stories as prompts are supplied for the pictures, this includes ALL ages. But, if older, we’d like to see your Hedgi drawings drawn as if you were of single-digit age! (Like EJ did.)
Also, we’d love you to send your drawings in to hedgi@nobelia.org along with questions, comments, and suggestions for mysteries to investigate. Maybe include a self-portrait. 🙂 Pictures will be put up on the www.nobelia.org/hedgi webpage (here) and may be used in the books. (No promises.)
Books can be made just for you entirely with your own drawings, just email us for more details. You can have your own printed Hedgi books featuring your drawings, just as you see Hedgi on his adventures!
Different versions of the books will be available, like no pictures, with drawing space, one artist, many artists, etc.
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Reader Drawings:

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  1. Erica Jayne Parker

    Hedgi is the best! Can’t wait to see everyone’s drawings 🙂

    1. Syl Sabastian

      Yes, Hedgi is. Thanks Erica Jayne. I too am very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s drawings, and also pics of themselves. 🙂 <3

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