Awww, and yay yay yay. Yes N. We ALL have incredible Value and More when we Share. It’s so so so marvellous. Yes? 🙂 😀 <3

None of them are especially special Norma, just regular Women who have been through stuff. The difference is they have learned to be able to Share about it. I LOVE how we ALL have incredible Value, when we Share ourselves that is. ❤️ 🙂 ❤️

“But but but….” I hear you protest, “What if our lives have been boring and we’re just simple boring people?”

When someone has been through hell, one of the most precious things they can hear about, is Proof that there is simple good normalness out there, that plain boring Goodness DOES exist. It’s the most precious thing there is to know. Because they now know boring regular simple living IS a realistic and Attainable goal thus. Knowing this to be an indisputable truth and fact when hell is all you’ve known is that beacon of TRUE hope that pulls one out of hell.”

“Sometimes it’s a great relief to know for sure that your reality is not the usual and normal.”

“ALL Stories have Value. ALL people have Value. Just not in the ways we think and expect.”

And lol grin. I’m NOT saying you’re boring, cause you sure as hell aren’t. <3 :P <3 :) <3 :D <3 

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