There is a certain reverence to encountering another’s heart; the spoken and unspoken parts…” – EDeNOn Reverence Featured Image


Reverence is a Power
a mood,
so much More
a feeling,
a connection, connectivity,
an embodiment,
a communion,
a profound Joy.

A very different kind of Joy,
a Joy of Grace,
but a Joy nonetheless,
For the Joy of Reverence
lies in the fact
that when we experience Reverence,
truly experience Reverence,
we also ARE Reverence,
because Reverence cannot
be fully experienced
with separation.

Reverence reminds us
that we too
are part of the Magic of Being.
As such,
if we can develop
a Reverence for simple things,
and remember
that Reverence need not
be an occasional exercise,
but a perpetual Way-of-Being,
then we live with Heart,
we become Heart,
and we constantly connect to Heart,
through ours,
we find others.

We can start simply,
perhaps with Reverence for rain,
Reverence for earth,
the simple soil,
Reverence for leaves,
Reverence for simple life forms,
laying a foundation
for the Reverence of complexity.

If we develop a Reverence
for all
the component parts of Life,
never forgetting
each and every part
is needed in its own way,
then we get to commune
with the Reverence OF Life,
transcending even
Reverence for Life,
taking us to
that State of Grace
of which Reverence
is such a potent Heart.

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