The More to this is we tend to believe our beliefs result in our feelings. Or we feel how we feel because of what we believe. But, it’s also the opposite. We believe what we believe because of how we feel. We believe what we believe because of how we feel.

And because of how we come to feel, which creates or adopts the beliefs to justify and support how we feel, that original feeling, can come about for not much reason at all. But, once in place, that feeling, or belief, it works both ways, becomes self-reinforcing and self-justifying, as we add to the beliefs to support how we feel, because that *feeling* is the reality we now substantiate with our beliefs, and vice-versa.

But, depending on the day, and whatever factors influence and affect how we feel, we may feel entirely different, and just like that we now believe differently. Our reality is indeed fluid when it comes to perceptions related to feelings, beliefs taken on to support feelings.

Where it matters is entrenched feelings, deep habitual feelings which have deeply layered supporting beliefs which have become convincing, and thus keep supporting the feeling and keeping it in place. It’s not a fact, never was, just self-reinforcing habit.
We tend to believe we need a reason to feel in any particular way. But we don’t. We can *choose* how we feel at any given moment. Purely our choice. We can choose to feel how we *want* to feel purely as an Act-of-Will, and then make that chosen and desired feeling our habit and default, through another longer more sustained Act-of-Will.

Once we realise and are Aware of this relationship between feeling and belief, the world changes, and we become the ones to change our World.

Feeling and believing is not all there is to us. There’s our Character. Once we understand our Character is its own entity and a scared inviolate core of us, we also Understand how feeling and believing are *outside* our Character.
What *is* inside? That’s the real question of Self. The heart of the matter when it comes to our World. We use feel and believe in service of our Character, not the other way around. A mistake all to often made. But, realising how those two are created, enables us to avoid the pitfalls of a fragile and insubstantial character.

Our character is a reflection of our deliberate Choices, either we choose to believe in any idea without thinking it through to the end, or we make impeccable choices. Every choice we make is the building blocks of our character.” – Beena-Be to deal with your Feeling-Belief Loop.


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