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Life-panic is lack of Trust, which is lack of Self-Trust, which is lack of Self-Confidence and Self-Assuredness, resulting in lack of Joy and un-empowers us.” – From: Insights of the New Nobility

Self-Trust, Self-Confidence and Self-Assuredness are founded on what? On knowing everything? Obviously no! Then on what?

They’re all rooted in the reliance on our Ability to Do, adjust, figure out, be Appropriate, be Sensible. On our Sobriety, our Patience, our Humility, our Energy and Ability-to-Learn. On our Trust in our Intent-to-Goodness, our Unrelenting-Positivity, our Perpetual-Awareness, and of course, our Indisputable-Impeccability!
With all this, we might say, “But but, sometimes I just don’t know and there’s not always time to figure out or learn, then what?”
That’s when we bring out Capital T Trust!! That’s what. Because that Trust is also a Trust in our Personal Power. The Trust we’ll *make* things work out good, regardless of not knowing how. Trusting our Personal Power no matter how small it may be is part of our Impeccability. Because at root, Impeccability is the best use of Energy. This is our Difference. The Difference of our Way-of-Being of living as a Spirit-Warrior. We have other weapons and shields, those of Energy and Intent, Power, Sobriety, Trust, Awareness, and…. our ultimate power, weapon and shield, **JOY!!!**
With these Abilities-of-Character and Self we know we can affect the outcome of events in ways which are not in the ordinary world. We have More, are More, no matter how little that More may be, it’s there. Our unflinching Honesty ensures our Humility, but we also know we are not nothing. Thus in that More we will Trust when we’ve Impeccably done all we can, when we’ve *been* Impeccable and know we always *are* Impeccable, regardless of our errors and ignorance, we’re still at root Impeccable in our Intent, in our ever-ongoing learning, and this is where we come to our true power: **JOY!!!**

If we do not move into Joy, it’s as if we’re saying to our Full-Selves, to the Universe, “I do not Trust, I do not Celebrate myself and Appreciate who and what I am and have become, and who I will be.”

“But,” our Deep-Self admonishes, “As nothing as we may be in the Universal Context, where we are now is still considerable compared to where we were.” 

We *have* Learned, we *DO* know some little, and what we have learned and what we know is enough for Joy and Trust, for we have learned about Sobriety, we have learned to Understand Impeccability and the Humility it brings, we know of Power, we realise Patience is a SuperPower as we fully comprehend Trust to be. How can we *Not* be Joyful knowing all this? How can we not Enjoy our Being with this Awareness and Understanding that we have these *Tools-of-Being* at our disposal? How? 
Only if we are crappy and insist on knowing the future and knowing everything, and insist on not *Making-Peace-With-The-Unknown.* This, this acceptance of the obvious reality of our condition is our secret Magic!!! This is what makes the Difference between living as a Spirit-Warrior or as a nincompoop. 
A nincompoop knows it doesn’t know, knows its flaws, knows its inabilities, incompetences, knows it doesn’t know, but, it’s the *ego* fear of the nincompoop which dreads exposure and makes it afraid of the Unknown. The most foolish of fears as the Unknown is one indisputable fact of our existence and will always be. Thus, unless we want to always *live* as a nincompoop, we first have to make peace with the fact that in some way, we will always be nincompoops relative to the Universe, that’s the Humility of the Spirit-Warrior, then we shift to knowing we have Tools-of-Power with which to deal with the Unknown.
These Tools are the Empowerment of the Spirit-Warrior. Thus, what’s left to do? Once we’re set on our never-ending Journey into the Unknown, what else do we need to Accomplish before we get to JOY? Nothing! JOY *IS* our ultimate accomplishment right *NOW!*
Our journey is not *TO* Joy, since that will take forever. Our Journey into the Unknown is also a Journey into the magic of Infinity, and as such, we cannot wait to get to Joy. If we wait, thinking it’s the end of our Journey, we’ll wait for infinity. No, Joy is the accomplishment which comes from *BEING* on the Journey. Joy is the *consequence* of being on the journey. Joy is the culmination of our efforts to *get* onto our Path. Joy is the Awareness of the realisation that we *are* now on the Journey into the Unknown. 

We celebrate the infinity of the Unknown as the Gift-of-Perpetual-Magic it is, and Joy is. Thus, how can we not feel Joy, be Joy? What else is there to do which makes *more* sense than feeling Joy? What? As a Spirit-Warrior on the never-ending Journey into the infinite Magic of the Unknown, all we have is our Impeccability, Trust, and Joy. But without Joy, what’s the point?

Comes a time we have to make this shift, this shift to Self-Acceptance of the reality of who and what we are, who and what we have become, who and what we are going to be, will be, and the knowing no matter how much we are, there will *always* be More, and always we will be nothing. Thus, we have to shift to enjoying the *Process* of becoming, the Joy of Being, that Journey into the More-of-Being, which is a perpetual Journey-of-Joy we can enjoy NOW! Through that Joy we Empower our Being, through that Empowerment, through our Impeccability and our Path, we move to the Joyful Exemplification-of-Being which balances our Attunement with the World.
And enables us.
Enables us through the Joy of knowing our Humility. The Humility of a Spirit-Warrior. The Joy of knowing it’s not a limitation or an inhibition, but an Empowered Freedom when connected to the More of our unrelenting Life-Efforts. We are enabled through the Joyful Awareness of those labours which have yielded the considerable value and usefulness we have at our disposal. But, which we can only take full advantage of through an Impeccable Exemplification-of-Being, through the constant empowered Joy of Self-Understanding, and the full acceptance of a Self-Honesty which includes our More, a More we can no longer hide, and a More which is not a conflict to the fact of our ever-present Humility, but a More to celebrate and exemplify through the Joy of *Being* who we are, unrequited.

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