Confidence of Good Character

V: What’s been on your mind?

Syl: What we can be thoroughly and totally confident about when it comes to ourselves. 🙂

V: That we nincompoops?

Syl: That also yes, which is good for our Humility, but in the more usual sense. Like we are a bit cockeyed and lacking when it comes to Confidence. We tend to base our confidence on accomplishments, projected competence and ability, credibility, status, image etc., which generally are also connected to perceptions of others, or at least partially.


But we can be thoroughly and absolutely confident about our Goodness, and that out Goodness and out Intent-to-Goodness has Value.

We can be confident about our Earnestness, our Sincerity, our Integrity, our willingness to do and be good, our effort to try, and so on. When we bring this to the fore of our perspective on ourself we can have a confidence which we can carry into any situation. I may not know anything about specific details or information or anything like that, but that does not mean I have to lack confidence in myself, because I know the one thing I can have unwavering and absolute and resolute Confidence in, is my Goodness, and all the good qualities which come with it. Qualities which are exceedingly Valuable and Useful as they are also generally rare.

In the Application of this in the job market, those who know, and those are the ones we want to work for and work with, they value Good Character way more than qualifications. The most technically qualified criminal is not desired as an employee.

Technical mistakes and errors of applying ourselves to the tasks of the job are seldom a big deal, but issues of Trust and Character and Integrity and so on, those cannot be tolerated. Thus Good Character is at a premium for those who are the sensible ones we would like to work with. Along with that Good Character comes personal qualities such as diligence, thoroughness, punctuality, courtesy and consideration, willingness to try and make an effort and to learn and grow, kindness, generosity, helpfulness, honesty and self-honesty, reliability, responsibility, trust, plus much more.

Most people looking for jobs do not realise this fact and this Sensibility, and are not Aware of its implications, but it’s a Huge big deal and a critical factor in business.

I have a friend who is a good earnest sincere helpful person with Good Character. She has been struggling on her own for years in various ventures. Recently she applied for a job-from-home with the parent company of one of the leading high-tech world-wide corporations, a very sought after job and company to work for. Like people want to work at Google and Facebook etc, this company is like that.

They put her on a trial period and she was worried she may not be fully qualified as she does know their products and services but not nearly as well as she could.

I told her she was a lock to get the job, regardless of her potentially insufficient product knowledge.

To cut a long story short she’s now a permanent employee and she’s over the moon, because the company is everything and More she’s always hoped to be involved with. The company has a deliberate corporate culture of Collaboration and also specifically to make an Impact on the world and More.

They love her, lol, just as I told her they would. She was the first one picked and everyone is keen to have her on their team and help her and have her in the company and so on. Everything is just totally marvellous. And why?

All because of that Good Character. I told her just to be herself and to show her genuine desire to help and care and do a good job, and apply her natural efforts to do so and do more and to be thorough and diligent and all the stuff that comes naturally to Good People, and thus the job was a slam dunk. 🙂 😀


But, because she is also humble and modest, and is fully Aware of her nincompoopery, she was a bit imbalanced. She didn’t have the confidence. So she worried and fretted and stressed some about getting the job.

Whereas if she had brought Confidence in her Goodness to the fore, to the forefront of her Being, and realised she could feel confident about herself, BE Confident about being a Good Person, then she could have entered the entire process with an entirely different mindset, one which would put her at ease and not be stressing or worrying, because when out Confidence lies in our Goodness and our Humility, when combined with our Positive Sobriety, we know we will always be striving to continue learning and growing and thus will always be a sought-after person to have on any team, and be someone who will always be valued. Because of course Goodness and Good Character are always Valuable. Not just to us, but to everyone and anyone.

It is in this Value of Goodness we anchor our Confidence.

Confidence of Good Character
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