Taking Chances

When it comes to critical matters, we have to check everything, leaving no chance of Chance coming into play. Impeccability doesn’t care much for Chance.
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Had an employee named Chance once. We gave him a big chance, but he turned out to be a chancer, and it backfired horribly on him as we called him on it and didn’t let him get away with it.

He was a drug addict, who we gave a job to, gave a chance. But, he figured our niceness would allow him to simply not show up for work and be ‘forgiven’ Lol, the foolishness, but of course he was home getting high. A covert bullshitter-narcissist. One of those that are always pretending to be nice and “friendly’ always believing they can “pull one over others” with their pretence, secretly believing they are”better than” or “higher” in their inner bullshit hierarchy, thus living under the illusion that they can abuse and manipulate goodness which they distort into convenient apparent weakness.

When I called him on his crap, just calmly, matter-of-factly, giving him no opportunity to turn things around on me by playing the victim, he became all aggressive and even wanted to get violent. But I quickly nixed that. Lol, I grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to one of the racks in the store. This scared the crap out of him, because it was so utterly unexpected and completely neutralising. He was under the illusion he had some power, or juice, by way of his ability to deceive and fool others with his pretences and could essentially manipulate us, like he would do to his mother and friends, who allowed him to get away with his crap. When I grabbed him like that it was the very last thing he expected, and even worse, when he found himself suddenly utterly powerless, and even worse than worse, when he found his total bullshit exposed for the farce and ludicrosity it was, that freaked him. Completely. That undoing of his farce was a complete and utter totally devastating shock to his bullshit psychology.

Lol, after I ejected him, he came back later, on a bicycle, he was a skateboarder usually, but he did bicycle “drive bys” shouting stuff about me, venting his outrage. Haha, of course it was the outrage at himself, for fcking up so grandly and being exposed so definitively. He just could not live down that proof of his conclusive crappiness. He kept up those drive-bys for quite a while. Such is the ego of the bullshitter and narcissist, they just cannot live down the outrage and rage when they are convincingly called on their crap. 🙂 😀 Chance indeed used up his chances and then aggravated matters by chancing things even further.

I don’t remember precisely how the matter resolved. It didn’t end with him just fading away. We of course just ignored him. Well, not accurate that actually. He was irrelevant, non-existent to us. Ignoring would have been giving him attention. He just simply was not a factor to deal with. We could not deal with him or acknowledge him or give him reality in any way, that would only have served to legitimise him. A counter-reality he perceived, greatly exacerbating his aggravation.

He had been perceived as somewhat of a timidish fellow, tall and lanky, outwardly friendly and even gregarious to an extent. But, he had been a covert narcissist, plying his bullshit facade to cover that inner burn and constant humiliation he felt for being him. He resented all who showed him up for the nonsense that he was.

That incident and the resultant rage, manifested and brought out this inner world, exposing it, converting him to a more overt, if not obvious, narcissist and bullshitter. His expressions of rage during his bicycle drive-byes were presented to be seen as him being the victim. But they were merely attempts at re-establishing the hierarchy he thought he had, and which he thought would allow him to abuse the situation and chances he had been given. His subsequent non-mattering to us, and everyone he thought would “ally” with him, but didn’t, collapsed that ploy, and further escalated the Awful truth cascading through his new reality. He found himself friendless, alone with nothing but his bullshit.

The bicycle was so he could make a quick getaway, if needed. In case I came out after him. A bait he most absolutely wanted me to take. He desperately craved “proof” of my wrongdoing.

Because he was a little shit, no-one believed his bullshit stories of being the victim, completely assuming that whatever had happened, had been because he totally deserved it. By trying to bait me into responding he would have then turned around if I acted aggressively and shout to all and sundry: “YOU SEE!”

Resolution came, not sure the details, but in some way where he got his just deserts. He overstepped, in his home life, and his entire little bullshit world completely imploded. He may even have ended up in jail, but for something unrelated to us, except in that the incident had unravelled him, exposing him for what he was through his perpetual outrage and the outward exhibition of his egoic bullshit lunacy.

Haha, our chance on Chance was quite worthwhile in the end for us. It was most instructional for our other staff. 🙂 There had been one other employee in the store at the time I wrung Chance’s neck a bit. Lol, that employee had been wide-eyed with amazement and spread the tale of the incident in a most ideal way. I am utterly not a fan of violence, but I am a total and absolute fan of Appropriateness. And, well, mastering Appropriateness sometimes calls for us to do what we are not fans of. 🙂 😀 <3

Longer term, things worked out for Chance, he got clean and eventually came and apologised for his knuckleheadedness. Interesting to me though, is that part of the memory is very faint. Not really that significant, in the scheme of things because I was sure at the time how genuine and earnest it was. But, I was satisfied that Chance had indeed been given a major Chance by Life. At the time it was dubious just how he would avail himself of it, he still had much of the ego bullshit inside of him, thus my scepticism, but, it was a start, and I have-to-believe it eventually worked out. It was too profound a shake-up of his entirety to be forgotten. he had a form of PTSD for a while because of the trauma to his ego. (He suffered no physical harm, but the damage to his ego was devastating.) Funny how things are when it comes to inner absurdity. 🙂 😀


Unused Quotes

The bullshit-manipulator-narcissist manipulates Top-Banana position forcing the other to be second-banana so that the BMN can pretend it was a Piece-of-cake and have their icing-on-the-cake which is such a Bunch-of-baloney. Their Facade of being so full-of-Beans pretending to be milk-and-Honey when in fact their lives are far from the bowl-cherries they are imitating while emulating a-good-Egg and that tall-drink-of-Water . They’re a bunch of bad-apples masquerading as the Big-cheese when in fact they’re small potatoes in the Whole-Enchilada of Life.

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“Just when you think things can’t get any more “preposterous & ludicrous” it actually does! How limp & lame. It is so rude-mentary, so A, B, G. But, “May-Be & Mustard” in the house is an act that has crossed the line, not just once, not just twice … when what is considered a sanctuary is no longer “family-friendly & Safe,” that mention in itself is revealing… There are implications… yet the snake-oil gets bought. Complicity and the condoning of “bullsh!t & mayhem” continues; a “spectacle & show,” a “trick & pony” willingly gets bought into… When is the wake-up? I guess we’re all fools whether we dance to the tunes of “Fool & Bot” or not! It is pretty sad when things are “fake & phoney.” Is there no discernment?”

“Inaction, when there is Awareness, becomes complicity.”

“Respond ability depends on understanding, and with bullshit, on recognising. A huge tool for dealing with tools.”

“There is surface bullshit, and internal bullshit, and occasionally the internal bullshit is accompanied by external validity. This is when we need to be exceedingly vigilant, aware, and attentive, to prevent the inadvertent support, condoning and perpetuation of those non-obvious underlying corruptions of emotion, mindset and energy.”

“Everything the bullshitter does is in the service of dominance. Ego boosting, approval, attention, all of these serve the goal of dominance, and are readily discarded to attain dominance. Dominance it the primary goal, all the others are in service to this goal, and are only maintained as secondary goals if possible.”

“Confidence is quiet, insecurity is loud.”

“Birds of a feather bullshit together.”

“The bullshitter has to corrupt value, because any value is better than the nothingness they are, but, they have to destroy this value, or they look bad by comparison.”

“Equality to the bullshitter-narcissist means not-superior, a reality they refuse to accept.”

“Any goodness is corrupted to badness to make the bullshitter better by comparison.”

“How long does the failure of bullshit persist? When is the flawed counter-productivity of bullshit acknowledged? When does the bullshitter say: ‘This isn’t working,’ and change? Never, as that would entail abandoning hope, since bullshit is believed to be their only hope in the void.”

“Observing a bullshitter is like witnessing devolution in action.”

“A closed heart is self-annihilating – where’s the good sense in that?!”

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“There is no love in loving a black-hole, as they parasitic, taking and taking. There is only one thing to do: steer clear.”

“An acute awareness of our own nincompoopery is a critical ingredient for self-development.”

“Tolerance and forbearance! What am I called to learn in this instance? What perspective-shift is needed here?”

“When you deliberately, knowingly and consciously choose crappiness you are now accountable! That’s when you inadvertently choose to join the ranks of the living-dead. There is no grieving these living-dead…. Since they freely made their choice. All one can do is respect their freedom of choice.”

“If you actually ‘have IT,’ you don’t need to flaunt it! If you see someone who appears to flaunt ‘it’ however subtle – be suspect.”

“It is the very sanctioning of indulgences that has led to the brazen shamelessness in society. A very clear warning sign of impending danger that has already begun everywhere!”

“All the egregiousness that is currently flagrant on the political stage is a consequence of the legitimisation, justification and glorification of shamelessness. When bullies, however subtle, are falsely perceived as “cool” – we are in a deep danger, a danger that has already begun!”

“We, the good men and women of this world have to maintain an adamant stance against the brazen shamelessness! We do not condone it! We are here to become human! It is not a forgone conclusion… obviously, however subtle or overt the transgressions. This unacceptance of difference that is at the root. It ends when we no longer condone it!”

“Character, integrity, ethics are not facades! To act “as if” you have character and ethics while being squirrelly in your dealings, is the hallmark of a con-artist. However, even more suspect are those whose motivations are askew, and who go along with the pretence because they themselves want something out of it!”

“We have to assume responsibility for enabling squirrelly people for getting into undeserved positions of responsibility – by resisting and opposing them when they first make their attempts at trying to finagle, manipulate, schmooze and weasel their way into one’s trust, when they don’t have the moral fibre, character and integrity to deserve our trust!”

“When one encounters a con-artist, check your motivations when it comes to interacting.”

“Being sensible and realistic among those who are not truly sensible or realistic is not sensible or realistic.”
“With understanding and awareness of what is happening, has happened, the nature of things and situations are changed. This is how change comes about: by informing and shedding awareness of what is, has or is about to happen. It is about being appropriately intolerant. Suffering in silence just perpetuates the bullsh!t. We live in an age of reviews; hotels, restaurants, and businesses cannot get away with substandard service, product, or interaction, and this also applies to individuals.”

“Interacting with the potential seen in others and thereby positively impacting situations… With the light-of-understanding we can comprehend. There is no dark when you turn on the light. With understanding and awareness the nature of things and situations are changed. It is about being appropriate. About appropriate tolerance. About loving with discernment.”

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Inherent Goodness

[…] Yes, it’s severely bothersome. And it’s not a position lightly come to either. E and I have discussed this in extreme depth. Like over and over. We absolutely don’t want to hold this position either. It’s an ongoing struggle. And still up for edit.

I think it’s dealt with later. Bottom line is they are immersed in a totality, of bullsh!t. This does not mean there’s no hope or no possibility of change. There always is. But they are also trapped. The remedy to their problem of the ineffectiveness of bullshit is, to them, worse.

They have to start at the bottom. And that their egos won’t allow them to do. They will have to acknowledge that they have been utterly crappy. So, it’s just choice. And to us, that’s what makes it bad. They knowingly go against their conscience. This has been very hard for us to come to terms with. It’s so foreign and impossible for us, but yet they do it.

Thing is, they DO have a conscience. That’s a hope right there. But they knowingly transgress and bullshit their way to squirming out of conscience. The problem is, they get used to it, and after a while, it’s not really a bother anymore. Really sad.



Bullsh!t is a big deal.
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Is Bullsh!t harmless or not?
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