...Not An Exaggeration

A powerful feedback comment on our OUT BS! book we’d like to share:

Peter Wilson: It is safe to assert that politicians who are backed by the Democratic and Republican Party organizations must, as a primary qualification, be BMN’s (Bullshit Manipulator Narcissists from your book). This leads to absurd situations like the Clinton vs. Trump election (an endless news cycle distraction to this day). Bullshit is an excellent catch-all term for Lying, Deception, Underhandedness, Disingenuousness, Dishonesty, Rationalization…basically anything suggesting a process of con artistry to gain unjust advantage over others. Hollywood glamorizes high stakes bullshitters in blockbuster movies (weren’t Newman and Redford cute con artists). Mainstream media almost exclusively reports on BMN personalities, creating the impression (for the impressionable folks) that the tiny slice of our population who fall in the BMN category are the norm.

My point is that your book is calling out the true cause of the world’s greatest crimes today: The general approval and/or condonation of bullshit in the most critical matters of right and wrong today, including institutionalized mass extortion, theft, money counterfeiting, home invasions, property destruction, and murder. Bullshit makes such actions acceptable for the naive college law student, your goodly pastor, the cranky ol’ guy at the bar blubbering over his beer, and even gram-gram. “I’m sure Obama has good reasons for making the difficult choice of launching a drone attack [at the wedding party, resulting in the shredding of several women and children’s bodies along with the “suspect”]”. That is the impressive work of bullshit, and YOUR BOOK OFFERS THE REMEDY. That makes your book one of the most important books of all time. Period. The interesting thing is…my comment is not an exaggeration.

...Not An Exaggeration

Syl Sabastian: YES YES YES!!! Peter, just as you say. Bullshit is the core underlying infection. A cancer on society and us. Just so. It’s a HUGE Issue and connects all the major problems facing us. We just have to look a little deeper and Bullshit is at the root.


The real issue is the bullshit close to home, the bullshitters and BMNs we know, those we’re in contact with. All those politicians, abusers etc., someone knew them in the beginning also, someone turned a blind eye, someone inadvertently condoned and thereby enabled them. They also then themselves becoming complicit.

A big big deal. Our *acceptance* and tolerance of Bullshit has to end! Otherwise we are doomed to be slaves of Bullshit.

Oh Peter, your comment is huge for us, it’s so so what the book is about, and the massive importance we see to this issue. Please please post that as a review on Amazon, so others can connect to it also. 🙂 <3 Thanks Thanks Peter. Much much Appreciated!

Peter Wilson: We are brothers in this cause.

Syl Sabastian: 🙂 😀 <3 (Y)

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