Hopes Realised and the Joys of Communication

We make effort, we put our Intent into action, we do what we feel we need to, what we believe is necessary and good, and that’s all we can really do. We can’t force our views, or actions, onto others. When we truly and purely Share, we do so without agenda. As is I feel the only way. We can but Share, putting our Sharing out there to connect as it will.

Doesn’t mean we disconnect from what results from our Sharings. We can absolutely enjoy to the utmost when others connect, are affected, stimulated, moved, and otherwise use our Sharing. When our Sharings provide energy for others, it’s a profound joy and a gift, a free gift, which we can enjoy to the max.

We don’t always know if out Sharings communicate or Share what we mean to share, what we believe we are communicating. Thus, when we receive feedback which demonstrates we have done as intended, it’s a deep Appreciation and a joy to stimulate another, to connect them to what’s important to *them.* This is, to me, a big deal, an incalculable bonus.

One such connecting is a review on our OUT BS! – Overcoming and Understanding Today’s Bullsh!t book. A review by a well0seasoned reviewer, without agenda of any kind, purely a reflection of stimulus and the resulting connection to what affects the reviewer in their life as it relates to the book. Most gratifying.
To see that personal angle is most excellent, and we hope to see many more, from a great variety of perspectives, how it impacts and relates to different individuals. This particular review/feedback is a connection to certain angles, but there are many more we feel others will connect to. It’s seeing the connections themselves, all through life, which is the issue, and the link to Understanding.

Here’s the url for this particular review/sharing, which is to me more of an article or extended essay, another reason it’s so enjoyable, the reviewer is connecting on all cylinders and was moved to provide more, much more than expected…
Thanks Manuel.

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