What is the message of our book?
– Bullshit Destroys Lives!

Bringing awareness, discernment and understanding to the severity of the harmfulness and destructiveness of Bullshit.

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What’s Your Anti-Bullshit message?

(T-shirt slogans? Top/bottom of page slogans? Quotes? FB Group Competition? Get kids to come up with more. Encourage Celebrity bullshit T-Shirt campaign. As many different bullshit slogans as possible. ANTI Bullshit Public Awareness Campaign. ANTI-Bullshit is 12 words or less. ANTI-Bullshit Dozen Challenge. Run slogan/quote campaign in our group. Feed from our list. Make T-shirt to sell to raise awareness and give free ANTI-Bullshit T-shirts to Launch Team members. Have ANTI-Bullshit T shirts sponsored by Corps. Make ANTI-Bullshit a CAUSE! Start “Celebrities Against Bullshit” if not already existing. #ANTI-Bullshit #1001ANTI-Bullshit Mini-pocket book of bullshit quotes and Slogans. Aim of Bullshit campaign is to raise Awareness about Bullshit. #BullshitInsights For Quote graphics!)

No More Bullshit!
Stop the Bullshit!
Bullshit Harms!!!
Bullshit is Bad!
Bullshit IS Harmful!!
Bullshit causes Real Harm!!
Seriously!!! Enough Bullshit already!!!
Enough is enough with the Bullshit!
It all starts with Bullshit.
Can you still Stand the Bullshit?
No Time for Bullshit!
Are you a Follower of Bullshit?
How Aware are YOU of the Badness of Bullshit!
The Badness of Bullshit! It’s a thing!
Bullshit Shrinks Your brain!
Bullshit Stunts you growth!
Bullshit Blunts your mind.
Bullshit Destroys your self.
Bullshit people can’t be real.
Bullshit people have no life, for real!
Bullshit people are just pretend people.
Bullshit can only exist in the shadows of unawareness.
Shine the light of Your Awareness and vanquish Awareness.
Bullshit just aggravates!
Bullshit makes it worse!
Bullshit makes whatever it touches worse.
Bullshitters have to so Bullshit themselves that Bullshit works.
Bullshit is so totally mostly Self-lies.
Wake the fuck up to Bullshit World!
I wish the World would wake up to Bullshit.
Time to wake the World the Fuck Up to Bullshit!!
How many innocents suffer from Bullshit?
How do we let children suffer because of OUR Bullshit?
Bullshit is our crime against the World.
We just can’t allow Bullshit to go on. We Just Can’t!!!
Bullshit sucks the fun out of things.
Bullshit steals the joy.
Bullshit is no fun.
Bullshit will fuck over your soul big-time.
I’ve Bullshitted and I can’t get up.
The more you Bullshit, the more you have to Bullshit!
Bullshit always needs more and more Bullshit to keep going.
Bullshit needs more bullshit to live. How fucked up is that?
Bullshitters KNOW they Bullshit. Fucked up shit.
Bullshit is Deliberate! Don’t Bullshit yourself it’s not!
Try Bullshitting and not do it deliberately. Can’t!!!!
Bullshit is Deliberate! Think about that a moment!
How do Bullshitters live with themselves? Dunno, how do you live with nothing?
When does a Bullshitter realise it so totally isn’t worth it?
When a bullshitter realises bullshit doesn’t work, what then?
Each bit of Bullshit hollows you out a bit more.
Bullshitters end up living dead. Just look closely and you’ll see.
How do you become a zombie? Just keep Bullshitting and find out.
Bullshit is a mucking fess.
Bullshit is rucking fubbish!
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it doesn’t seem so bad!!!
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it SEEMS harmless.
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it tricks us thinking it isn’t.
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it pretends to be something it’s not.
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it’s sneaky and tricky.
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it hides behind niceness.
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it tries to fool us thinking its good.
Why bullshit so bad? Cause it takes away our goodness to try make itself better.
Why is bullshit so bad? Cause it’s a big fat lie, is why!
Kids have to be allowed to say Bullshit. Otherwise it just gets hidden!!
Kids, always say bullshit, never BS, never pretend it OK, it isn’t!!!
The more Aware we are of Bullshit, the less people can Bullshit us.
Bullshit can only survive in shadow, and awareness is light!
Bullshit is an infestation!!!
Awareness is the light that banishes the dark of Bullshit!
When we aware, Bullshit has no power!!!!
Know Bullshit, see Bullshit, vanish Bullshit!
If a Bullshitter sees you see their Bullshit, how can they Bullshit you?
The more we understand Bullshit, the less power it has!
Learning to Discern Bullshit is personal power.
Awareness, Discernment, Understanding, the holy trinity if ANTI-Bullshit!
Awareness, Discernment, Understanding, the tools of the ANTI-Bullshitter.
Awareness, Discernment, Understanding, get those, bye-bye Bullshit.
Awareness, Discernment, Understanding, will get Bullshit!
Want to deal with Bullshit? Learn Awareness, Discernment, Understanding.
Be Aware Bullshit Exists, Discern when it happens, use Understanding to know how It works.
Discernment lets us be Aware of Bullshit, and let’s us Understand it.
The more we understand Bullshit, the better we can Discern it, the more we are Aware of it.
Bullshit doesn’t stand a chance against Awareness, Discernment & Understanding.
We in a war, with Bullshit. Did you know that?
Awareness is my Shield, Discernment my Sword, Understanding my armour, in this fight against Bullshit.
Awareness is power, Discernment is power, Understanding is power, what chance does Bullshit have against such Truth?
Goodness is good, but naive goodness gets preyed upon by Bullshit!
Good people, y’all have to wise up about Bullshit!!
Part of our Goodness has to include a sophisticated understand of Bullshit.
If Goodness can’t see Bullshit, it helps Bullshit.
I worry about good people who can’t see Bullshit.
I hate it when good people get taken by Bullshit!! They have to learn to see it!!!
Part of being Good means being Aware of Bullshit, that way it can’t survive.
Bullshit exploits our Goodness by asking us to Trust and Believe, without cause.
Be riled up against Bullshit! It’s fucking with you!
If you Bullshit yourself, what does that make you?
How can you win using Bullshit? It’ll never be real!
Winning with Bullshit is just Bullshit. Nothing.
What the hell makes Bullshitters think it’s worth it?
Bullshitter, what’s the price you pay for all that Bullshit?
Bullshit is soooo expensive!
Bullshit is most expensive to the Bullshitter!
What do Bullshitters get out of Bullshit except a hollow life?
How is Bullshit happiness worth anything?
If your life is a bullshit lie, How can you have real happiness?
LOL, Seriously bullshitters? It doesn’t work.
Bullshit is a serious illness of Delusion.
Bullshitters live in an Illusion.
Bullshit rapes the soul.
Bullshit rapes truth,
Bullshit rapes truth, pretending it’s making love. Can’t!!!
Bullshit is a cancer of the heart.
Bullshit will eat out you insides.
A Bullshit life is a life of like HUGE Stress.
Just think about where Bullshit is taking you? Where does it end?
What’s you long-term plan with that bullshit?
How in the hell do you hope to get anywhere with bullshit?
The biggest cruelest joke is when Bullshit “succeeds.”
Can’t enjoy shit when you a bullshit person, you not real.
Bullshit comes back to bite the Bullshitter hardest.
Bullshit payback for the bullshitter is a bitch.
Apply Discernment, Banish Bullshit.
Bullshit is Married to its cousin, ignorance.
Bullshit is married to lying.
Bullshit is married to false.
Bullshit is married to Phoney.
Bullshit is married to deception.
Bullshit is untruth masquerading as truth.
Bullshit it trying to make what isn’t into what is.
Bullshit is just trying to cheat on living. How sad.
Bullshit can’t work cause it’s ____
Bullshit can’t work cause it fake.
Bullshit can’t work cause it’s not real.
Bullshit can’t work cause it’s a lie.
Bullshit can’t work cause it’s wrong.
Bullshit can’t work cause its… well, cause it’s Bullshit!
Bullshit can’t work cause it’s silly, silly!
How is a Bullshitter not a giant Fool?
Who but the Bullshitter thinks they doing something clever?
If you succeed in Bullshitting someone, what does that make you.
Bullshit it nothing but a con.
How are you not a con-artist if you bullshit.
Who doesn’t hate bullshit?
What the fuck is it with Bullshitters?
How sickening are Bullshitters?
How much Hollowness is that Bullshit covering up?
Seriously, you’d rather be a Bullshitter than admit you don’t know? FFS!
FFS, not knowing is no big deal!!! Stop Bullshitting!!
Bullshitting you know when you don’t know only guarantees you won’t know.
Bulls MAKES you stupid.
Bullshitting guarantees you’ll STAY Stupid!
If you Stupid, so what? Everyone is stupid in some what. Bullshit just makes it worse.
The more you Bullshit, the less you learn, the more you ARE Bullshit.
How much do you have to ignore to bullshit yourself it’s OK.
If you Bullshit yourself it’s not wrong, does that make is right?
What lies do you have to cover with bullshit to keep believing?
Bullshit promises aren’t any more likely to come true.
If a famous person Bullshits, is it less Bullshit?
Is Bullshit from those in Authority not the worst?
Bullshit is just Gross!
How much is fucked-up because of bullshit?
Bullshit allows the crap to happen.
Bullshit is the root cause.
Bullshit is the disguise for the serious shit.
Bullshit has to end!
We’re sick and tired of Bullshit!
Bullshit is a Massive problem.
Too much Bullshit!
Exposing Bullshit is important.
Exposing Bullshit is the way to stop the crap.
Bullshit really really harms people.
Bullshit is serious shit.
People really suffer because of Bullshit!
Bullshit is a Cancer! (Maybe a better way to write the title.)
Too Much Bullshit!
Bullshitting bastards!
Give a crap about Bullshit!
We’re Drowning in Bullshit!
Bullshit is taking over (your life!)
Do you even see the Bullshit anymore.
Who gives a crap?
Too much Bullshit makes for a Shithole.
Bullshit matters!
Can you even tell what’s Bullshit anymore?
Bullshit has you by the balls!
Bullshit up the ass!
Crazy from Bullshit!
Bullshit is fucking up everything!
Bullshit is outta control!
We have to do something about the Bullshit!!! (Before it’s too late.)
What are YOU doing about bullshit?
Bullshit wants YOU! (On Uncle Sam poster.)
Bullshit has you for a sucker.
You being played by super Bullshit.
Can you even SEE the bullshit? (Anymore)
Fuck Bullshit! It’s Bullshit.
It’s All Bullshit!
Time to call out Bullshit!
Are YOU a Bullshitter? (potent)
Why are YOU spreading Bullshit?
What’s Your Bullshit?
Who said you could Bullshit?
What the fuck is up with all the Bullshit?
How do they get away with the Bullshit?
What are YOU doing to stop the Bullshit?
Know your local Bullshitter!
See the Bullshit for what it is.
Bullshit is just fancy shit – Still shit.
Bullshit Stinks!!!!
What’s your Bullshit?
What’s your Bullshit Slogan?
If you a Bullshitter… Fuck-off!
Sick as Shit of bullshit.
What isn’t Bullshit anymore?
A little bit of Bullshit is OK? In your food, really?
Bullshit is Bullshit!!!!
Bullshit is some Preposterous Shit.
Bullshit is Shit trying to pretend it’s not Shit.
Bullshit is some sick shit.
Bullshit has you fooled it’s not shit!
Bullshit is shit dressed up as…chocolate?
Bullshit has you eating shit and thinking you like it.
Bullshit is Squirrelly as Shit.
Bullshit is is some cowardly shit.
Bullshit is some nasty Shit!
Bullshit pretends as all fuck.
Bullshit thinks compared to shit its better.
Bullshit thinks its shit don’t stink.
Bullshit is seriously fucked-up shit.
Bullshit Ego – Ego Bullshit.
Are you Complicit in Bullshit?
Are you a bullshit Accomplice?
Why are you condoning Bullshit?
Why do you Allow Bullshit in your life?
No Bullshit, I don’t agree!
I Call Bullshit!!
Do you really tolerate Bullshit?
Oh, Bullshit is inconvenient is it?
How long before we drown in Bullshit?
Learn to see the Bullshit before it sees you!
See Bullshit, or step in it!
Recognise bullshit for what it really is – Ugly Shit!
Really, you think bullshit can be Ethical?
Bullshit pretending to be legit – Ugh!!!
Fuck-off Bullshitters, you fucking up everything!!
Fucking Bullshitters polluting everything with Bullshit!
What’s wrong? Bullshit is what’s Wrong!!
Bullshit is chaotic shit.
Bullshit is truth made chaos.
Bullshit is subtle Chaos.
Bullshit hates Truth.
Bullshit can’t stand truth.
But… Bullshit is sooo convenient!
Remedy bullshit with Awareness!!
Bullshit cannot exist when it’s seen.
Be Aware of Bullshit.
Beware Bullshit!
Know Bullshit, Stop Bullshit!
Do you let your children near that Bullshit?
How much Bullshit is Ok for your Children?
Just how full of Bullshit are you really?
Bullshit is just trumped up shit.
What are you doing to stop Bullshit?
Do you even know how much shit Bullshit causes?
You see the Bullshit?

Bullshit Begins at Home!!
Clean up your Bullshit! Please!
What does it say about you when you Bullshit?
Think people don’t know when you Bullshit? Think Again!
Bullshitters Bullshit themselves most of all.
Bullshit is a Disease! An infectious disease!
Bullshitter are a sick joke on us all!
Bullshit is barf come out the wrong end.
Bullshit is ridiculous crap!
Bullshit is so Ludicrous!!
Bullshit is so utterly…UGH!!!
Bullshit fucks things up!
Bullshit ruins everything.
Bullshit can’t be real!
Bullshit is some lazy-ass shit.
Bullshit is a pain in the arse!
Bullshit is Shit fronting as not-shit.
What Bullshit are you fronting?
I See your Bullshit Bullshitter.
How much pain has Bullshit caused?
This Bullshit ain’t funny no more!
Trumped-up means Bullshit! Look it up!
If you tolerate Bullshit, makes YOU a Bullshitter!
How can we tolerate Bullshit? We Can’t!!
Bullshit intolerance!!
Bullshit is some insidious Shit!

ID Bullshit! Or OD on Bullshit!
Bullshit overdose!
Is the world gonna OD on Bullshit?
You gonna allow more Bullshit?
More Bullshit!
Bullshit Bullshit everywhere, not a drop to drink!
When did politics become worse than Bullshit?
Why do we accept Bullshit in politics, who sold us THAT bullshit?
Put all Politicians permanently under oath, see how they Bullshit then!
Get Real about Bullshit! It’s NOT nice!!!
Bullshit Sucks!
Bullshit Blows!
The Issue is Bullshit and You!
Bullshit and You! (Title maybe)
Bullshit = Fail
If you Bullshitting, you already a loser.
UGH! You Bullshitting!
Nah man, No Bullshit!
Come ON already with the bullshit!
You know better than to Bullshit!
Bullshit is so fucking pointless!
Why do we allow Bullshit?
Bullshit is Mouth-Puss.
Seriously, would you like it if I smeared you with shit?
Bullshit is Deception, that’s real!
How is Bullshit not Lying? Tel me again?
Bullshit IS lying! Anything else is Bullshit!
Who u Bullshitting yo Bullshit not lies?
Are you being Bullshitted?
Are you suffering from Bullshit?
How does Bullshit impact YOU?
How does Bullshit affect YOU?
How have YOU been harmed/hurt by Bullshit?

#Anti-Bullshit Slogan Campaign Post Image
How has/does Bullshit make you miserable?
Bullshit impacts us all!
Bullshit affects us all.
Bullshit impacts some people much more than you realise.
Some people’s lives are totally miserable cause of the bullshit.
Bullshit has to Stop!!!
Who’s funding your Bullshit?
Who’s your Bullshit contributor?
Who donates to your Bullshit!

If you can’t see the Bullshitter, then it’s YOU!
Less Bullshit is still Bullshit.
There is no good Bullshit.
Bullshit Contaminates?
Bullshit, Bullshit, where does it end?
A little Bullshit, and a little more, and where does it end up?
Bullshit can’t fix Bullshit!!
Can’t fix Bullshit with bullshit!
Bullshit comes from Arseholes!
When you Bullshit, you declare yourself an Arsehole.
When bullshit comes out your mouth, think what that implies!
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!
That’s just Bullshit!
More Bullshit!
Not being able to say Bullshit is Bullshit!
I know bullshit when I see it.
I know Bullshit when I smell it.
I may not be able to define bullshit, but know it when it’s on me.
Would you tolerate actual Bull Shit in your house?
Clean up the Bullshit!
Free us From Bullshit!
Deliver us from Bullshit!
No more daily Bullshit!
No more Bullshit for ever and ever.
Amen to NO Bullshit.
NO on Bullshit!
I’m Anti-Bullshit!
Bullshit is Short-Sightedness!
Bullshit is a Bullshit Short-Cut.
Bullshit is just lousy cheating!
Who you think you fooling with that bullshit? Only you!
Can’t dance in Bullshit!
Bullshit is such Hypocrisy! Pretending it ain’t!
How stupid are we to tolerate Bullshit?
How idiotic are we to allow Bullshit?
How foolish are we to Bullshit?
Seriously? Why DO you Bullshit?
Why Bullshit? Just one good reason?
Bullshit is NOT Benign!!
Bullshit is a Cancer.
Bullshit will eat you up, and you won’t even know.
Bullshit is for Fools!
Birds of a feather Bullshit together!
Bullshit is a Mind-Virus!!!
Are you infected with Bullshit?
Get that Bullshit away from me!!
Bullshit Free Environment.
No Love for Bullshit!
Begone Bullshit!!!
How do you live with Bullshit?!
Bullshit corrupts.
Absolute Bullshit Corrupts Absolutely.
You the Prince Charming of Bullshit.
Smiling bullshit – Still bullshit.
Charming Bullshit – Beware!!!
Bullshit always tryin ta play ya.
Bullshit IS manipulation.
Bullshit manipulates your Goodness. Think about it!
Bullshit wants something from you!
Bullshit takes and takes.
Bullshit steals from you. And you don’t even know what!
What is Bullshit actually doing to YOU!!! Think!!!
There’s no hope for Bullshit!
There even less hope WITH Bullshit.
Bullshit doesn’t work dude. Wake the fuck up!
Bullshit is soooo Lame!
Bullshit is lame af.
Bullshit is for lamoids.
Bullshit is running on Empty.
Bullshit is nothing pretending to be something.
Bullshit tries to make untruth into truth.
Bullshit can’t make you better!
Bullshit won’t fix your shit.
Bullshit is just cover up!
What shit you hiding with that Bullshit?
Bullshit is lack of ____ Choose your blank!
Bullshit tries to compensate for lack of?
What you compensating for with your Bullshit?
Abuse is Bullshit!
Abuse is surrounded by Bullshit!
Abuse Needs Bullshit!
Bullshit and Abuse – Two fuckers in a pod!
If you think Abuse comes without bullshit, think again!
Where you find Abuse, you find Bullshit.
Abuse IS Bullshit!
Learn to see how Abuse and Bullshit are connected!
Wherever you see wrong shit, there you see bullshit.
Bullshit an wrongness, always go together.
Just try and tell me how bullshit is good?
Bullshit is a gateway drug!
Are you addicted to Bullshit?
Know someone addicted to Bullshit?
Pity the Bullshit Fool!
Bullshitters KNOW they Bullshit.
Bullshit IS deliberate. Think about that!
What does it say about YOU when someone tries to Bullshit YOU?
When you being Bullshitted, What does that mean about YOU?
Bullshit implies what?
What are the consequences of Bullshit?
If you can’t see the consequences of Bullshit, who you Bullshitting?
Bullshit may start small, but just look where it ends?
Name me some serious shit that didn’t start in Bullshit?
Just think about where Bullshit is headed?
What good comes from Bullshit?
Bullshit is the ultimate psych out!
Stop Pretending Bullshit is OK!!!
Stop trying to make out like Bullshit is no big deal. It IS!!!!
Bullshit is a big deal. If you can’t see it, we’ll…
If you can’t see the big Deal that Bullshit is, you a fool.
How do you bring up a child into a world you filled with Bullshit?
How responsible for Bullshit are YOU?
Bullshit is Bullshit Obfuscating Bullshit!
Obfuscating Bullshit!
Just look at some of the really serious shit, and see the Bullshit!
People do really really Serious shit because of Bullshit!
Do you think those “Shooters” don’t Bullshit themselves they not Murderers?
Isn’t “Gunman” just Bullshit for Murderer?
What Bullshit do those mass shooting Murderers use on themselves?
All crime is riddled with bullshit.
Bad people all Bullshit themselves they aren’t really evil.
How do you do bad shit without Bullshitting yourself in some way?
Who you Bullshitting that your bad shit isn’t really bad?
It’s Bullshit that lets people do bad shit!
Bad shit isn’t any less bad because you bullshit yourself it’s so!
Bullying is Bullshit!
Badness is Bullshit!
Badness needs Bullshit!
How much Bullshit is passed of as “cool?”
What you buying when you by Bullshit?
Just go to a Jail for some Bullshit education.
If you don’t think Bullshit is serious, go hang out in a prison.
Spend some time in a court and you’ll see know how Bullshit causes real harm.
Show me victims where bullshit isn’t involved?
My mommy is hurting because of Bullshit!
Bullshit is an Ugly Truth.
Can’t hide from the Ugly truth of bullshit by calling it BS.
BS doesn’t make Bullshit nice or OK.
BS is the Bullshit of Bullshit.
We gotta stop pretending Bullshit doesn’t matter!
Spread the ANTI Bullshit!!!
Awareness is ANTI Bullshit!
Discernment is ANTI Bullshit!
Thinking shit though is ANTI Bullshit.
Personal Due Diligence is ANTI Bullshit!
Making an effort to Know more is ANTI Bullshit!
Arrogance is like Champion Bullshit.
Just simple Honesty is ANTI Bullshit.
Humility is ANTI Bullshit.
Make sure you goodness is pretending Bullshit goodness.
Real Goodness is ANTI Bullshit.
Goodness without awareness get eaten by Bullshit.
Don’t be naive, or Bullshit will seek you Out.
Bullshit targets naivete.
Believing-Without-Believing is ANTI Bullshit.
Trusting-Without-Trusting is ANTI Bullshit.
Accepting-Without-Accepting is ANTI Bullshit.
Believing just because you want to is Bullshit.
Making it so because it suits you is Bullshit.
Based on What? Is ANTI Bullshit?
What makes people Bullshit resistant.
What kind of people can’t be Bullshitted?
What makes you someone who sees through Bullshit?
What makes you buy Bullshit?
Often Bullshit is so preposterous we can’t believe it.
Believe it when it seems too Unbelievable, that Bullshit!
What Bullshit keeps YOU Awake?
We don’t HAVE to live in a world full of Bullshit.
Ask the adults in your world what bullshit they responsible for.
Do you teach Bullshit with your actions?
Are you the one spreading Bullshit?
How do you think your Bullshit is right?
If you know your Bullshit is wrong, and you do it anyway, doesn’t that make you evil?
Bullshitting one’s own conscience is like the worst Bullshit.
Think of the kids when you involved with Bullshit!
Just how do you justify Bullshit? Just How?
Do you really not know all the shit that comes from Bullshit?
How long are we going to be fucked over by Bullshit?
How is your ignorance not Bullshit?
How is you ignoring your ignorance not Bullshit?
Your opinion based on nothing: Bullshit!
Your attitude based on nothing: Bullshit!
Just because it’s YOUR opinion doesn’t not make it Bullshit.
You can have any opinion you like, doesn’t mean it’s not Bullshit.
If you don’t know what you talking about, it’s Bullshit!
If you don’t know, ask, find out, shut-up, or you Bullshit!
Don’t Bullshit because you don’t know, that’s gross.
If you think people can’t see when you Bullshit, you a Bullshitting fool.
Just think how easily you see Bullshit in others next time you tempted to Bullshit.
We know when others Bullshit, doesn’t matter if we can’t “prove” it, we know!
We all have Bullshit radar, just have to use it!
Turn on your Bullshit Radar!


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