Continued from Ch 5 Part 1:

5/9, 9:03am
L: – “Dream – more of a ‘mind’s eye’ thing actually… I was awake! Starting to drift off to sleep, when in my mind’s eye… I saw a figure… just the view their mid-section… I could see their belt… and their hands… on his right hand, a large ‘male’ figure, bulky male… on his right hand there was this very bright ‘teal/emerald’ ring… he started to move his hand slightly left to right to make the ring ‘catch the light…’ to ‘catch my attention…’ the message was clear to me… it was a control thing… like hypnotic…”

The Young Man: – That’s excellent. What’s the good to extract??
You were AWARE!!!!!!
You *know* about it now. You’re Empowered!!!! Most excellent. You know to not be taken in. Awesome!!! YAY L!!!

L: – “That image seems to be ‘dominating’ my mind… having trouble shaking it off. Need to find a way, yet every other way is also another old way.
And the left side of my body feels ‘different’ than the right side.
Heavier… .cloudier.”

The Young Man: – Interesting.
So you need a way to push them away. To disconnect. Yes?

L: – “I’m aware, lots… usually the symbols I see are soothing, kind, gentle… ‘hearts, bursts of loving light etc.’
This was unusual… and not unsurprising when one considers recent conversations on the ECP incident, and the ‘shadow stuff…’
It’s likely just ‘mind’ … ‘mind’ putting images to Fear… mind making up story. Apparently I have a very creative mind lol. ~
Typically, I would ‘call for protection”‘in a situation like this.
So instead… I will ‘know’ everything is OK.”

The Young Man: – Ah and yes, there’s a but…

L: – “This is about Power. This is about my Power.”

The Young Man: – Trust now. Trust that the U will show a new way. Shift your Trust there I would say. And just be open to a *NEW* solution coming from the Universe, from yourself.

“A Warrior is impeccable when they Trust their Personal Power, no matter how small it may be.”

L: – “Now I can relate to “Warrior” analogies… lol…

The Young Man: – Haha – It always Depends…
Yeah, has its Value.

L: – “Yeah, just as I said that, I had a feeling that it’s, ‘time to stop fighting.’
Stop fighting … that’s significant!”

The Young Man: – We’ll get back to the Warrior Perspective in terms of the story. We were on it. It’s that start of the larger story, and we’re making a big big detour which will connect back to the Warrior Aspect of it all again. And how things developed from there. 🙂

L: – “Just Breathe.
Just Breathe in the Light.”

The Young Man: – ‘Breathe in Smiles of Power.’

L: – “Don’t ‘Do’ anything.”

The Young Man: – Yeah. 🙂 🙂 ‘Not-Doing.’
One of the techniques for Erasing Personal History.
Along with Gazing and the Gait of Power. 🙂

L: – “Gazing? Oh boy… hopefully not into eyes. (lol)
tee hee.”

The Young Man: – Lol, no – gazing into eyes, specifically not recommended. Takes lots and lots of Power.

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 5 Necessary Detours Part 2

L: – “Just joking.”

The Young Man: – Gazing is a Not-Doing. Gazing in the Not-Spaces.
Yeah, but a cool intuitive joke. Value in it.

L: – “Oh I do that all the time, a little differently perhaps… big thing for me, the not-space… the space between things.”

The Young Man: – That Gazing is just letting *Not* come into being. To connect to *not* as a way of disconnecting from a doing. Like your dream-focus atm is a *Doing*

L: – “Lots going on there…”

The Young Man: – Yes!!!! This: L: “…big thing for me the not-space … the space between things.”

L: – “Right… mindlessness.”

The Young Man: – What I was trying to say!!! 🙂 🙂

L: – “?
I’m fascinated by it…”

The Young Man: – Well yes and no. We don’t want to create a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum and will seek to fill it in some way.

L: – “Observation.”

The Young Man: – Ha, just meant we said the same regarding Gazing.

L: – “Got it.”

The Young Man: – It’s a focus on the non-specific. So it’s a specific disconnecting from what’s specific. 🙂 🙂

L: – “Yes… that to me really is the essence of ‘mediation.’
Meditation. 🙂 ”
“Non-specific observation.”

The Young Man: – Yes. Connecting to the Unknown also. 🙂

“When the known is a problem, the solution can only be in the Unknown.”

L: – “That’s the only way …  to ‘touch’ the ‘unknown…’ to observe openly.”

The Young Man: – YES!!!!!!!!!

L: “Nice ! I like that one… ROS?`”

The Young Man: – To observe openly yes. 🙂
Not a ROS no. For a Rule of Sentience it’ll have to be tightened. Makes sense now in context, but a ROS has to be able to completely stand on its own without any context at all.
But would be fun to refine into a Rule. Maybe a good exercise atm by way of Focus Shifting.

L: – “Force of Circumstance.”

The Young Man: – YES!!!!!!!!!!
That’s the Power of Attunement via Alignment!!!!!

L: – “What if your language is just another ‘trap’ for me? It’s your philosophy… not mine… even though it makes sense… by focusing on it, by ‘relying’ on it in any way – in another matrix!”

The Young Man: – Force-of-Circumstance is the wave, surfing the Alignment. FoC is the wind, sailing is the Alignment. Circumstance, Anomalies, happenings, pressure, all Force-of-Circumstance.

Yeah could be indeed. Why Discrimination, Discernment, figuring-it-out, making-it-your-own are so imperative. Because *ALL* language is not our own.

So to make it one’s own we have to go to the Root Conception, the foundations, and then go from there. Doesn’t matter if it’s someone else’s structure or not. I don’t have to build the house myself to live in it and use it. But I do have to check out its soundness for myself.

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 5 Necessary Detours Part 2

L: – “That’s how you do it… lol… for me, just doesn’t compute!”

The Young Man: – And now lol, you know why I so so so balked at your student-teacher comments. That relationship can only be with the U.

That’s to me where at times like this one has to focus. You are experiencing a most most most valid doubt. The doubt of Determining Validity. And ultimately, my me, my I, myself, my local me, is way inadequate for Determining Validity. My Personal Judgement is *Always* suspect. That’s why I changed my life, as in the Gift-of-Intent, (GoI) for the exact reasons you are now experiencing.

Because *I,* *Cannot,* with any certainty, be sure of Determinations-of-Validity. The *Only* way I can be sure of Validity is when it comes from the Universe!!! (Or my Subconscious really, greater-self, whatever. Just a term here.)

Lol – it actually does for you. You’re doing that exact thing now. You are going to the root of the issue, which is Determining Validity.

L: – “So… continue with the YYM story NOW, since it’s all related to this… most perfect don’t you think?”

The Young Man: – So… this connects to that potential ROS:

“When the known is a problem, the solution can only be in the Unknown.”

It’s much more intimately connected to this exact moment now.

L: – “OK, you go…”

The Young Man: – It’s simply a Perspective Issue. I see you doing what I’m talking about, but the description doesn’t connect and resonate with you.

That’s exactly why for each ROS there are the Alternate Variations. Because almost always when we say the exact same thing, but in other ways, it connects at some point if it didn’t connect before.

Even if one specific alternative way of saying doesn’t resonate, the accumulation of all the various ways of expressing the same point builds up, and allows for comprehension.
It’s an awesome mechanism.


So how many different ways can you say this:

“That’s the only way …  to “touch” the “unknown” … to observe openly”

L: – “Yeah, good question… must work now though.”

The Young Man: – Kk laters  – let it rumble around inside. 🙂

L: – “Are you writing?”

The Young Man: – Ah not atm – I have an unfinished part sitting here. But it’s a cue for me when I resume  – A placeholder.

Bah sorry. I guess you seeing dancing dots. I’m commenting from a second window.
I’ll save that unfinished comment for later, when I resume.
There ya go. Sry.

“Stuff happens to get in the way, but Patience rules the day.” 🙂

L: – “Haha… np…”

The Young Man: – 🙂 <3 How things coming for you now?

L: – “Feeling better … doing nothing helped. 🙂 ”

The Young Man: – GOOD!!!! Yay <3

L: – “Yeah, learning to really just observe and not ‘react’ or analyse those things seems key… to be amused perhaps, or no emotion at all, instead of getting caught up in ‘what did that mean?’ … nothing!”

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 5 Necessary Detours Part 2

The Young Man: – YES!!!!!! And always to look for some sort of Positive. That doesn’t always mean Positive *Feeling.* Knowing what *NOT* to do is very Positive. So there’s always something Positive. Something to learn. In this case maybe just something like learning to be able to be still and not stress when encountering such things. I think that’s huge. To be able to regulate our feelings towards “stuff.”

Much of predation is activated or triggered by victims behaving like victims. When they don’t, it can completely nullify predatory instincts and behaviours.

L: – “It is huge… on many levels… it’s huge to not react as that’s what causes those ‘ptsd’ moments to imprint in our muscles and tissues etc. It could be nothing at all, yet if in our unawareness, we ‘react’ to it… then all of a sudden now it’s ‘something,’ and that something can stick with us for decades!!!!”

“Like the time when I was maybe eight or so, when I asked my uncle next door where he was going as he was walking, and he looked at me and said, jokingly, ‘To hell. Want to come along?’ … I was shocked and so upset and confused. I thought, now why would he go to Hell, and why would he ask me to go? It confused me and I never forgot… it imprinted on me in the most peculiar way… Lol!”

The Young Man: – Yes!!! Emotional associations can be completely random. Purely triggered by happenstance. Most cool L.
Yes, lol.

But those can be dealt with, be defused. Just recruit Patient Attention to the various components of such imprints. Once there’s a connection to the deep logic, there’s change when that logic is seen for what it is. But this has to be done “Inside” the event as it were.

Mostly it’s really just a very basic process of spelling out in boring and self-obvious detail each step of the original assumption. We know internally what it’s all about, but those internal thoughts about the issue have to be expressed out loud to make them real and see the false logic. Often the barrier is just something as trivial as feeling silly about it. So the *Precise* silliness of it is actually a way to dispel the misbelief. 🙂

But lol – amazes me the things people say.

L: – “Yeah, just had a good silly laugh… I tend to be more of a feel it out rather than “logic it out” type… as soon as I try to spell out the A B C of it, my mind seems to go to mush!”

The Young Man: – But you do it well nonetheless.

L: – “Well, yeah … I am a Virgo, after all… so… analysis comes somewhat natural on certain levels…”

The Young Man: – That mush is the body resisting change. Lol, the Bureaucrats of the Self resist change any way they can, even if it’s good for them. They’re deathly afraid of *ANY* change.

Once we realise it’s that Bureau of Change-Resistance who’s the culprit, then we can power through it. Becomes easier and easier. The key is of course to do it unemotionally.
That’s the tool they use to keep us in line, our feelings and emotions.
It’s why Sobriety is so paramount. and why being able to not let those feelings affect us is one of the key parts of Impeccability.

L: – “It’s like when ___ and I used to argue about stuff, which rarely happens anymore… but when it did, I could not remember any details at all like two minutes later… just the emotion of it… .none of the words or points either we were trying to make… where he would remember every detail,  me, none of them…”

The Young Man: – Yes!! That ‘s exactly what I’m talking about. When emotion seizes us logic and sensibility go out the window. So one just has to practice setting feelings aside.

“How I feel does not have to be connected to how I think.”

L: – “Such a balance … between ‘control’ and ‘detachment…’”

The Young Man: – Controlled Abandon, yeah. For me what’s helped is to develop the Power of Pause. That’s all we need sometimes.

And of course the best technique of all is the Anticipation-Mindset. Where we get into the habit of looking ahead for a few seconds. We see stuff coming and have a bit of time to prepare. Makes all the difference.

We can then “set” ourselves. And that’s huge. We aren’t sucked into an Immersion.

L: – “How is anticipating different from ‘steering’ or are they the same do you think?”

The Young Man: – Oh, not connected in the least.
An example….

Walking to the car…

Usually for most people they walk to the car, get to the door, *Then* take out their keys.
With an Anticipation-Mindset we’re looking ahead and of course know we are going to the car, so we can take out our keys while we walk.

L: – “OK so, ‘be prepared.’”

The Young Man: – Simple example but makes a big difference. Not only are we more efficient but of course if there’s something amiss near the car or whatever, we’re looking up, looking ahead, we’re open, and we can Extrapolate.

It’s more than being prepared, but that’s a part of it.

Being prepared is a consequence of the Anticipation-Mindset. One of them. It’s mainly just about having more time. If we are always reacting reacting reacting we have little time to *Choose* our responses. We react usually with whatever comes out.

And of course, in relationships that’s not always the best if there’s some emotional charge. But if we had a few moments within which to consider, we can be more prudent, more diplomatic, more Appropriate, in whatever way needed. We thus create the opportunity to choose a response, rather than just reacting with whatever comes up first.

So the Anticipation-Mindset is about Buying Time.

And that gives us *Choice.*

5/9, 1:05pm

Continued in Chapter 6 – The Magic of Context:

The Young Young Man's Story - Ch 5 Necessary Detours Part 2
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