“Today is the day we’ll look back on as ‘in the day.’ Later never comes. Today is the day to plant our Tree of Real Self. Today is the day we’ll look back on and say:
‘Back in the day, I took action, I did something huge, even though to some it seemed small. I planted the seed of my Real Self. But, I did more, back in the day. I watered that seed, tended it, nourished it. As seedling grew to sapling, I nurtured my Real Self daily, constantly, never allowing any opportunity for my treeling to cease growing through neglect. I persisted, while my Roots of Real Self grew deep. Then, back on a Day, I found my Tree of Real Me no longer needed myself, and I became my Tree of Real. Yes, back in the Day, I DID something… Now, every day is the Day of Real Me.’” – The Young Man

Nobelia.org/apply Self-Discovery Project

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