The ability to be deliberately foolish and silly is a tremendous power. If we can be okay with looking silly or foolish, then what power does self-importance hold over us? None. Can others manipulate us through shame, embarrassment, awkwardness etc. No.
Do we develop the ability and power to step outside our comfort zones? Yes absolutely, because we’re comfortable anywhere. Once we remove self-importance from the equation we start to live in the land of freedom
The video is by the most excellent and talented (in nincompoopery) Erica Jayne. I admire this ability to be ridiculous and to do so Deliberately. What a power. The fact that she’s also funny and creative is a massive bonus. Thanks for this Erica. I love this as an Application of everything we do in Way-of-Impeccability and the Moreness-Project. Yay Erica Jayne.

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 P.S. – Where did you get the recording of my secret laugh? 

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