As we progress,
on the Path of Awareness,
we discover,
that Self,
is not a thing.
It is not fixed,
it has no root.
Self is comprised of many parts.

If we embrace
this Awareness,
The Not-Self of Selfwe become able.
To be Fluid,
to be Flexible,
to be Adaptive.
All of these,
essential to Appropriateness.

In this light,
of Appropriateness,
we realize,
that Identity,
that cherished identity,
that identity we cling to so desperately,
is a mirage.

We are not drowning.
The life-belt of identity is not needed.
In fact,
we are floating,
That life-belt of identity,
is actually,
an anchor.

When we are free,
we are Nothing.
Nothing cannot be tied down.
Nothing cannot be attacked.
Nothing cannot be threatened, challenged, manipulated,
or otherwise affected.

The Not-Self of Self

Being a Conscious Aware Nothing,
is the Ultimate.
A Nothing that is Fluid,
that is flexible
that is Adaptive,
is a Nothing that is always Appropriate.
And Free.
It is an Independent Nothing.
When we come to Understand,
then Self,
is no longer a fixture,
but a Process,
and we soar… Self-Discovery Project

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