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In a discussion on school shootings/mass murders someone stated, somewhat accusingly, “Yeah, but what are your solutions,” with the implication that one could not comment unless one had solutions. A false logic, but nonetheless prompted the writing down of the solutions then already we were advocating. We do believe there already are solutions, no need to go out looking for them, or “finding” them. They exist, and simply need to be Applied.

Once Applied, that’s step one, the next steps will follow as the solutions are refined and improved, other steps and changes will follow as needed, The key is Application. Doesn’t matter if initially there is some disagreement as to the exact list of solutions. Not implementing any solutions is guaranteed to fail. A list of solutions such as this opens the door for more, once the barrier is crossed of looking for solutions, to refining them, a huge change occurs, then implementing becomes a reality.


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“None so easy to deceive as those so desperately willing to believe.”

1. Adopt the same gun laws as those countries which have 57 times less shootings. Or none. Limit Access – Limit Murders. (Shootings) 

2. Call them for what they are – Murderers! Not “gunman” or “shooter,” but Murderer! This is not in any way “cool.”

3. Eliminate Bullying by never leaving kids unsupervised.

4. Provide classes on immersive awareness and the distortion of perspective that results. Understanding of Bubble-Logic thus.

5. Make anyone who does not report bullying complicit, an accomplice, and in trouble. Silence is complicity and is contributing to the problem.

6. Hold parents responsible, to some degree.

7. Spread Awareness that much of the problem is not rooted in mental health issues and bullying, but ego, self-importance, need for attention, self-aggrandisement and other such perspectives and mis-beliefs which have come to be seen not only as acceptable, but desired and good. 

8. De-mythologise “Being on TV!” as a good thing and a sought-after goal.

9. Learn to think like those involved, to Understand preposterous foolishness from where it seems sensible. Learn to understand from inside the bubbles-of-awareness which are the core problem. Trying to Understand from the outside, from a logical, reasonable, sensible perspective only distorts understanding. That’s not how these murderers think! Theirs is mainly a logic of distorted “cool,”  “getting back at,” “inferiority-superiority” and similar ego-based false-logics.

10. Understand hidden motives, consequences and implications. Like how every mass-murder is a huge boost to gun sales and a fantastic gun-selling commercial. Be Aware that the preposterous does exist. Why thus, much of the structural problems stay in place and nothing really gets done.

Now that solutions are at hand the onus is on You to insist the prevailing preposterousness ends. To insist on implementation of something, anything, that is not a token, to insist on real and actual change and implementation. Spreading lists of solutions such as this one will lead to more solutions added, refinements and greater insight into solutions. This is your responsibility, the responsibility to insist on Change, otherwise you too are Complicit!


Solutions to School Murders

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