So what exactly IS happening from your perspective?😊”

We are in a stage where our energy, Attention, focus, and power is not only more focused, but enhanced via Collaboration and Friendship. Capital F Friendship. This is resulting in the actuality of Fluid Reality becoming more apparent. FR and solid reality aren’t separate, they are one and the same. We’ve *always* been living in Fluid Reality, we’ve just been solidifying it and making it inflexible all this time due to our rigidity of conception.

The Way-of-Impeccability is a Journey into and of Abstraction, immersing in the Power and Freedom of Abstraction. Thus we, in our personal lives, you and me, have seen a most amazing and marked increase of synchronicities, overlaps, and repeated instances of what we’ve been paying particular Attention to materialising into our ongoing Description of our World.

What I see happening is thus a process whereby paying Attention to Attention itself is the order of the day. This is now coming into focus as our focus, so we can be more Deliberate and specific in that Description of our World, to not have it be somewhat haphazard. Thus, the Deliberate Shift of Attention to Replacement in all it’s most excellent detail and realness and of course, in particular, on the underlying Intent and support foundations which are key to such Replacements. The focus on those Abstract underpinnings and Core Conceptions which apply, and make the replacements viable and Applicable is essential. Those details, not the details of say colour or shape etc.

Attention to the underlying paradigms and beliefs etc are vital. Like shifting from a survival paradigm to an evolution paradigm, and shifting from a work paradigm to a Play paradigm and so on.

I see this as imperative, as we are Shifting, whether we feel we might be ready or not, the Shifts are happening, all we can do now is be Impeccable in how we deal with the Shifting, and the embracing of the Shift as Deliberate. That taking it on Deliberately makes all the difference.

We’ve already jumped off the cliff, now it’s time to learn flying.

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