M: – “I find it difficult at different times to speak with conviction and clarity when I know I’m about to “be on”, in other words, when I’m scheduled to talk or it’s planned for me to be the centre of attention. I want to enjoy that process more as when I do I have more peace and power.” 

Syl: – Okay, I have something to help with exactly that, part of a longer story but Pertinent and Relevant:

“We started on public speaking as that was the connection within the psychology program we are currently exploring. From the phobia program. It transitioned into a game, and that’s where we currently are. But, labelling and perception are so incredibly vital in psychology, and thus perspective, that we need to re-examine what it is we are about. And how little it takes to shake a fear.”

Biella smiled gently. “Yes, sometimes it can indeed be as simple as changing the label. Instead of exploring “public speaking” let’s shift our focus to what it really is: *Communication.*

“Public Speaking” has so many connotations and associations that it’s severely tainted. Why attempt to “overcome” something when we can simply do something else we already know how to do, which we are comfortable doing? All of us already can communicate.” Biella stopped to let that settle.

“Now our focus is going to be on efficient, effective and Appropriate communication. And in particular communicating to more than a few people. Communicating in different settings, and communications which are more one-sided. But, never, are we going to consider what we’re about in any other way than a focus on Communication, a focus on expressing ourselves. And, specifically, on expressing what we’re comfortable with, what we Want to express or communicate. This is a vital consideration, our desire and Intent.”

Biella beamed. “I love Communication,” she declared to no-one in particular. It seemed to be a Communication to the Universe. And indeed it was. “As this is our focus I have drawn up some basic Tenets of Communication, guiding principals and perspectives. Things to keep in mind. I’ll endeavour to comment and show their relevance in action as we go along.” […]

Biella read the list, displayed as a transparent scroll for each individual, enabling recall and reference as needed. Her list unpretentiously titled:

Biella’s List of Communication Tips:

1. Relevance and Pertinence
2. Incorporate questions
3. Have a conversation
4. Connect to the infinite
5. Utilise Multiple Perspectives
6. Regulate the level of immersion
7. Find a comfort level
8. Pay attention to the body
9. Be strategic
10.  Deliberately utilise Habit and routine
11. Be aware of Vocabulary and Associations
12.  Intend your communications. Be clear, specific and precise with your Intent.
13.  Tap into what you Want to communicate
14.  Be clear about your  focused idea
15.  Utilise mystery to create interest
16.  Employ analogy and metaphor
17.  Maintain a connection to the Abstract
18.  Ask the questions, How does this make a difference? Why does it matter?
19.  Be happy and joyful. Have fun.
20.  Show your Good Character
21.  Maintain a connection to Appropriateness at all times
22.  Leave space for randomness and creativity
23.  Don’t forget the technical
24.  Identify your passion and let it out
25.  Communicate, remember This is the objective, not performance
26.  Be as intensely personal as possible.
27.  Be Earnest
28.  Practice, it quickly leads to Confidence.

“Dang, that’s a long list,” the big woman said, “I’m not going to remember all of that..”

“Me neither,” Biella laughed, surprising the Group. “I didn’t make the list from memory. I simply observed some communication and wrote down what came to me as I thought about what makes for effective communication and as I thought the matter through.  Many of those will come innately. Like twenty, Show your Good Character. We always behave from Good Character. It’s who we are.”

Biella graciously included the delegates, simply taking it to be so, even though with some this might not always have been the case. Giving the Benefit of the Doubt and assuming and expecting the Positive was integral to the New Nobility Way of Being.

“But when it comes to focused communication we sometimes have to actually show those aspects a bit more than we normally would,” Biella finished.


Syl: – Haha, so, that’s all well and good for when you have time. But for now. Simply do this next time you are called to Communicate – Simply explain to The UNIVERSE!!!

What needs to be explained and Shared and communicated, do so to the Universe. Don’t talk to a group or think you need to perform, or whatever other nonsense. Just explain whatever you need to explain and Share to the Universe, or to God, Allah, Buddha, Odin, Krishna etc, out loud. Whatever you are comfortable communicating to. Also, that to which you communicate from your Pure Self.

In other words, when communicating to the U in this way, there’s no bullshit, no performing, no ego, no nothing except a pure Sharing of whatever you need to talk about. Doesn’t matter if it’s technical or procedural or whatever.  When Sharing to such entities, we can Share *freely.* That’s the key, that free unconcerned Sharing of our topic.

That’s it. This is something we can do no problem at all. And, since the U is everywhere, in all of those listening, it’s no problem at all. 🙂 😛 ❤ ❤

Just Share your heart and Self with the U in those situations, and all will be awesome and fun and cool and a Joy. After all, isn’t the U or your God your best friend?

I am most most serious here. It’s most powerful. In fact, to me, Everything we say is always said to the Universe, or to our God, or to Intent in other words.

And also, the U has infinite Patience, no need to hurry. The U  has infinite understanding, so the U is totally fine with you saying it YOUR way. Take your time when speaking. A second externally feels like a minute internally.

When you talk to the U, you are totally focused on what you are saying.
Then the how comes naturally!
Thus, Apply Focus-of-Purpose! Be focused on WHAT, not How!

Have a clear Intent on what you are saying, and lol, the rest is easy.

When you are called to talk, talk out loud to the U!
Explain or Share to the U, ignore the people, do only that out loud, and the rest will be easy, cause when you’re talking to the U you’re utterly focused on WHAT you’re talking about, you’re thinking about the topic, the subject, ONLY.

Now that’s is a great example of Self-Leverage and Perspective-Shifting!

Making that Shift in your Focus-of-Purpose Leverages you to do what otherwise is difficult!!!

So, THIS is the The Way-of-Impeccability in Application! This right here. Taking the daily issues and connecting them back to the Way-of-Impeccability and all the Power-Terms. Like here we used:

So, Simple. 😛 😀 ❤

M: – Yes! So simple, yet so Transformative.

Syl: – Always. It’s what we’re doing. We’re on a Path together.
Exactly. That’s what we aim for. That simple transformative obvious.

M: – It’s awesome to be a part of it


So…. go sleep!!!! 😛 😀 😛
Talk tomorrow. <3

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