AK: “The one thing I’ve learned is how useless words are when describing the inner self. Like trying to describe the feeling of being pinched when we were never pinched. No words.”

Syl: Yes, most absolutely. They are mostly useless for others, but the act of explaining is very powerful. But more so when Expressing rather than explaining. Expressing ourselves is most powerful, even if no one is listening.
When we immerse in expressing, doing so in a particular way, we are able to leverage ourselves and access More. Much more. It very much depends on what we are expressing. You said inner self, and that’s what immersed me into More. 
For me, it is the expression of *Significant* events within the inner self which are particularly relevant. To simply describe the inner self is ofc to me a bit of a fool’s errand, because hopefully the inner self is changing, as it learns and grows and adapts, as appropriate. 
But Significant Experiences, or Memorable Events, those things which stick with us internally, those are the ones which benefit massively from the particular type of expression I’m talking about. They stick with us for a reason. because they inevitably hold more that we think they do.
Now the particular type of expression is a big deal. If we simply just say what is in there, we simply express what we already know. But, if we come at those experiences or memories from the angle of expressing them in their entirety, as completely as possible, we access a lot More than we know is there beforehand. Doing them full and complete justice, as if one were being commissioned to express them, yields insights and understandings we were unaware existed. Thus an impeccable thoroughness needs to come into play.
We can Leverage this motivation and focus inside us by writing a post for instance. Well, for me, this has been most valuable. When I make a post, I’m writing and expressing something, because it is public, internally I have to be comfortable with it. Otherwise it would be a lie. I cannot do that. So automatically there’s a mechanism which kicks in that leverages us. To express the truth as we see it. And by implication, the whole truth, again, as we see it. Such public expression Leverges our honesty, and even if no-one reads our post, they *could,* this commits us via our honesty to stand behind what we Share. The consequence from this is we come to be what we Share in this way. It’s incredibly powerful. 
Immersion is the key when it comes to memories. This is where the magic happens. We start the expression and as we immerse in expressing in this particular manner, we find there is More. The entire point of the exercise. We do not always access that More of our significant experiences. It’s difficult without the Leverage of thorough immersion. But when we do, when we Immerse into them we connect to More, beyond what we anticipate. 
There’s another particular aspect which comes into the Leverage when we make a personal expression as a post and put some extra into it. It’s the door which is opened through creativity and artistry. Those connect us to the abstract. And inevitably, that’s where that More resides.
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